2015 I can see you….


Four more blogs till the New Year! AWW MA GAWDDD!

Art Basel is in Miami! How cool is our city? It’s an explosion of art! South Beach Food and Wine Festival is here too! Yeah, that doesn’t suck. I am amazed at all of the greatness in my own backyard.

I practiced a lot of Yoga this weekend. I have been for more than a decade. The real kind. The reasons are more real still. Yoga always gives me the tools I need to wrangle real life. Can I get an OMMMMMM for that?! Next weekend, I will be downward dogging again because the YogArt event kicks off. MC Yogi will be on Klangbox on Wednesday, tune in. #GiveLove

I will also be collabing with the very cerebral and beautiful Life Coach, Vanessa Scotto on Sunday at 11:00 am at the Lincoln Road Athleta Store! Last public Life Coaching event of 2014! Wowza! I get nostalgic when I think it’s coming to an end. But then, I SMH and quickly and remember what lies ahead. Please join us! We’re gonna dance as we goal crush- hope you can multi-task.

On Wednesday, I will be podcasting with a graduate from Harvard and Yale discussing the Fountain of Youth. I am truly nervous. This lady, “Doc J” keeps the Who’s Who looking fab! To inject or not to inject, hormonal, genetic? How do we maintain youthfulness without poisoning our bodies? Tune in!

The podcast is so fun. I’m on iTunes if you didn’t know. And if you didn’t, where you hiding? Hurry up and subscribe! MAGDA LOPEZ- me!

I have been working out twice as much, it’s my go to meds. Kinda happy ‘bout it because the food in the next month is hard to resist. Balance is the key to it ALL!

I need to thank Jugo Fresh for sponsoring the podcast and for making the best pie ever. Ok, Joe’s Key Lime is neck and neck. Matt and Gigi, I owe you. I promise to share your freshness through the airwaves and everywhere this lil lady goes. Thank you for believing in me.

Please find a post of me on a video asking YOU to ask me anything you want. It’s on You Tube, “Magda Lopez” and Twitter “@revete” on Face Book “Atrevete, Inc” and on Instagram “@revete” When you find it, ask me a question and I will reply on the podcast live. I thought we’d get to know each other better before 2015.

and if you don’t know, asking the correct Question is an Art,