2016 I feel you…

i prayipray 2


serving is second nature to me. I think like an employee. this is mos def why I always find myself in the role of the boss. I work hard. I am constantly evolving and learning. everyday is a new adventure. I’m done with the Christmas set up. (no stress)  this year we got a fatty.

thanksgiving was not how I envisioned it.  I was reminded of how beautiful life is and how happy the holidays are. I realized so many things on this day. love is kind. love does not hurt.

detox from social media was the best gift I could’ve afforded myself. self love is first now. other than responding to clients, I didn’t even look. I logged out and lived. my friendships and relationships are not formed in the recent. they are forged for years and decades and I called upon those. I have a very hard time trusting new.  some folk look to me as an answer giver, a guru. the reality is, is I am the people ‘s people. just as human as them, with the same problems. happy is the goal. how is that for raw?

I met a CPA this weekend that was interviewing me on my energy and zest, I explained that I’m just a humble lady with a strong resistance to failure. there is no failure for me. I think we will be doing business very soon. 

about twenty years ago, the cure came to Miami and I was treated to a great date with great seats and had a blast. I love the cure. that friday, I’m in love murdered me. I’m so down again. thank you.

david yurman is back on my radar. I got two of the twists. black is the new black. my family and I have been collecting Yurman for decades. since he began. my collection is significant in history and memories. it’s beautiful when you build and invest. memory making is the value tho.

art basel is going to kill me. I say BAH-SEL BTW! I am working out and flowing daily. I never quit. I just feel dizzy with all of the art. I’m going to the places I’ve never been. tryna steer clear of  common areas. I fall harder every time. my taste in art is weird. I suppose I live in the abstract but my love is in the chiaro-oscuro. I’m black and white. never did appreciate grey. another collection I have to unravel-my art. so happy all my buds are here from NYC!

like I said, friendships for me take a long time. I protect the ones I love. it’s a small circle. I like that. letting strangers into my life is a NO-NO! I’m always amazed at how people sign up on things like match.com! so brave are those to trust in minutes. (applause)

so many pressures in this upcoming month, money, family, love. life coaches get hired more this month than any other. it’s like gyms in January. this month I selfishly love the ones who love me, (throughout the rest of the year I’m more of a love giver) I exercise often so the toxic foods we eat don’t make me sick.  I plan, I schedule and I execute. life is meant to be lived smiling with the people that love you. it’s so simple.

I look forward to 2016. it seems that the first week will be the knock out punch. I am very excited.


and if you don’t know, I hope you make many memories with your loved ones,