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July 30, 2017

fly me to the moon (part two)

flymepithe second part of Emily’s reading focuses more on love. I was terrified when she spoke to me on this topic. she was so on the money tho. it was crazy. she asked me if I wanted to get married again. I died. make some popcorn, I talk about the man I recklessly, scandalously and wholeheartedly love. listen in and let me know your thoughts.

July 30, 2017

fly me to the moon (part one)

flymepithe new moon in leo combined with my birthday seems to be a winning one two punch according to Emily (a celebrity moon reader). when the universe aligns itself ….. I was astounded to hear the accuracy of my chart in this podcast and dumbfounded to hear her discuss my love life in part two. Emily also founded Miami Women Who Rock, a maverick organization supporting really powerful women in our community with the underlying goal being the fight against cancer.

I had been feeling extremely powerful prior to her coming in for the reading. she explains why. I learned so much, I hope you enjoy part one. we discuss my professional career, home life, money, business and fitness. if you’ve ever wondered what the sun and the moon and the planets can say about you, she is the lady to hit up. the reading was not prerecorded, I wanted it to be live so you can hear it as I did. no filters, no edits. I love everything about this. wait till you find out who I marry!!



July 24, 2017


splashissplashiI made friends with Wale, Tyrese, Cash Cash, TI and a slew a celebrity and designers but most of all learned that the business of swim suits is poppin in Miami, Florida. Thank you to everyone that contributed to my experience. I had a blast making a splash!

July 23, 2017

hanging up on 45


this is the last blog before my 46th birthday. I am so damn blessed I can’t even compile it all in words, podcasts or any other type of format. I’ve tried. every time I want to say thank you world, I am grateful- I forget about something or someone. I pray. of course, I pray. in many religions, in many languages and often too. I just have so much to be grateful for tho. my mind isn’t vast enough, my list is never long enough. or maybe I just continue to find reasons to say thank you. I’m a consistent mf so it is more probable a mixture of both.

roman received his PGA credz and I received Press credz on the same day. we are both succeeding in our journeys. the reality of my solitude is becoming more and more abrupt. he will only be with me a few days next month and then his final year begins. in my alone time, I am working more than ever and working out is more intense. I fuckn love to sweat. I’m obsessed with it. my closet is huge, like a SAKS FIFTH AVENUE- but its beginning to feel like a luxury fitness gear store. in my next home, I am making a custom workout closet. I can see it, I can taste it. I’m most excited for the next phase in my life.

I’ve done three podcasts in four days, the same four days of MIAMI SWIM WEEK. it is safe to assume I haven’t slept much. I met CASH CASH.

the new moon is in LEO. it is my birthday soon, the universe is conspiring in the form of LIONS that shine. ima believer. I always have been. I do good, so I get good. my chart says I’m gonna shine. it also says I’m gonna get married again.

FLY ME TO THE MOON PART 2 speaks of my love life. I cant wait to share with you. it’ll be up this week. the reader was hitting very close to home in her descriptions of my persona and my life. I almost fell out of my chair when she said the phrase “ALL or NOTHING” kinda girl. she was right.

please sign up for my newsletter on my site. this is where you can be part of my life in all aspects. I really want to touch you. the goal is to connect with you.

I love that you read my blogs I really do, but selfishly they are more for me. my collection of thoughts, nuances, memories.

I just don’t want you to miss a thing. you gotta be in it to win it.

thank you for the loyalty throughout my 45th year of life, I can only hope to equal in the next year, the magic that I experienced in the present one.

and if you don’t know, it’s my birthday,