A King in a Jungle


I was at Newton’s swinging a forty on a day that the instructor (April) got rep happy and realized I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was spent. I had been celebrating my birthday all month long. I walked out and was ready to spend a relaxing weekend with my family and friends when a very tall frog named Kermit stopped me. He just accepted that the rest was none of his business.

How lucky can a birthday girl be? My body shook, my heart raced and I knew it was going to be the happiest birthday ever. A King never stops protecting his queen. I am truly blessed. I must be a very good person because the love I received up until today in honor of my birthday was just overwhelming. I thought I knew it all but what I learned this year showed me I knew nothing at all. I danced on bar tops with gorgeous women. I met transvestites that would make any girl blush with insecurities. I spent endless hours looking at paradise- the beach. I played with the two loves of my life for what seemed like an endless marathon. Life doesn’t get better than that.

I missed blogging this month. It’s almost like a diary. A raw piece of me. I promised myself I wouldn’t work but I just can’t help myself. I traded stock successfully, I have a great advisor. I am back at Town for another rich experience of Life Coaching women. Please join me at noon on August 7 in the beautiful South Miami Restaurant for a no holds barred experience. The Women of Influence Group never stop impressing me. I made an impact on that last Coaching sesh. I plan on doing it again harder! No one ever gets poor from giving. I like to give from myself. I believe it’s working. I wish I would’ve become a Master Life Coach sooner.

I have been working on a different Coaching session simultaneously for Athleta, a Gap company. This is very exciting too. In a perfect world, everyone would be fit and healthy. The gross truth is Americans are 68.5% obese. On August 13 at 7 pm, I invite you to please join me in the beautiful Athleta store at Merrick Park. We can make a change in our neighborhood, community and City as we celebrate the love of health and fitness. We work so hard at making money, buying cars and building corporations yet pay no attention to honoring our bodies. Let’s fall in love with health together!

I have two weaknesses in life and they are children and the elderly. I know why too. They both have no filter. I love it when you speak to someone of any age that says exactly what they want. I am embarking on a program solely for children. It is called Fit is Fly. It is near to my heart for many reasons. The program is designed for children that are not star athletes. I thought this concept through many sleepless nights and know that it could change the lives of many undiscovered athletes under the age of eighteen. I feel like it’s going to be epic. Gulliver Schools is a place where I have worked endless hours for children I don’t even know. I believe because of this servitude they have afforded me this great opportunity to actually meet the children I will be working with. So blessed, so thankful.

Parents, if you have not yet bought uniforms for your children- run now and do not pass go! It’s a zoo out there!

I’m working on a fundraiser. I haven’t done this since the days of building parks in Coral Gables. I raised money for the creation of a children’s park in its entirety in less than a month. It was easy because I was motivated. Where your focus goes, energy flows. This fundraiser is going to be fun! Just family fun! I’ll have all deets in next weeks blog. I find myself fiercely believing in the cause. It’s easy. I love him.

The Benjamin Dash is back! I’m all about obstacle races and plowing through them. This one has meaning and I will be there this year. For more information on this please call me at 305.903.7160.

It’s so awesome when you set a goal and demolish it! I do this often. It’s freedom. I was fortunate enough to see someone I love do that this weekend. I cried tears of joy for him. I cried because he cried. I am so lucky to have witnessed history. He’s not like LeBron tho, he’s faithful.

Faith doesn’t make things easy it makes them possible. I BOlieve! No really, I do!! You see, every king needs a Nellie.

and if you don’t know, I’m lionhearted,


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