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John Legend knows how to go to the very core of my being. “Good Morning” is another one I get lost with. He has to be the most romantic singer on this planet. Harry Connick Jr is a close second. Stock market did me good this week!!

I met Burnie, the Heat muneco this week. He is an old friend of Darren’s. They met in the sky full of stars. He smashed people heads in to get to the Doctor. It was a bit scary. He is very warm and fuzzy. The Miami Heat has my heart in my throat. LeBron has new respect from me. It takes a real man to hold it together when he has every right to lose it! He took it for his team. Fierce leadership skills. Lance probably won’t be blowing sweet nothings in anyone’s ear anytime soon. Really, who does that?

I was able to sit with Charna and discuss Fashion meets Finance in New York. Maybe I can help a sister out?

Helping a sister out, what a great idea. It really should be natural and realistically it’s not. I always try to see the potential in a fellow femme, not a defect. I look into the eyes of my girls not at their waistlines. If I am able, I extend myself to give a kind word. You know when you see a woman and for no reason at all, she smiles. It’s a knowingly smile. That moment. We are bound. June 12 you will find me live, binding one sista to another. I hear we sold out! I’m going to TOWN- I’ll be the band to make you dance. We are women! Let’s ROARRRRRRR!

My sexy ambadassador is hanging on the wall next to the cash register in LuluLemon South Miami. Great choice putting him there, it’s easier to spend money with that kind of art. Wow, very impressed. We celebrated Aryan and Jet Set this week at her very elegant Red Carpet event. I saw a lot of familiar faces. It was nice. I was rocking a LuluLemon Lab outfit. Bam! A trendsetting boyfriend made it happen.

Jugo Fresh finally opens in South Miami. YAY!!!! Grateful for your share. Can we say crack addict?

The Infidelity webinar was a slam dunk. Loyalty is so rare, if you find it- kill to keep it! I have a feeling I’ll be hosting more groups on this topic.

I had a romantic weekend with Roman. It was just us. Darren was off doing the sponsorship wrangling. I spent most of the weekend getting him ready to go to Europe. He speaks French! Of course he does, he is my son.

We dined, we laughed, we sweat and olive oiled with our family. Darren was with us in many ways. Every time I looked in the eyes of his mother, I felt him near me. What a great day! Twilight made for a fantastic evening!!

and if you don’t know, the back door is open,


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