A Tricky Thang


It’s a choice. Happiness. The greatest level of success is happiness. I have been very poor in my life. I have rolled like a rolling stone, been hungry and wondered about a roof over my head too. I remained happy throughout. It’s a choice.

My son is a great source of joy for me. His most recent report card was the best this year. I have been very unlucky in my life but I believe God threw me a bone and said, “here Revete, have the best son ever.” I don’t know if God would call me Revete tho, he would prolly refer to me as Magda. Whadya think? Do you think in his weird sense of humor he would refer to us as our Instagram handles? This holiday weekend Roman and I hung out quite a bit. We discussed church and its goers in detail. We discussed family and divorce for hours. He has learned through my experience of being betrayed in my marriage- how to be a great husband. For this, I am grateful and happy.

I Coached this weekend. I usually try not to work on weekends to maintain normalcy. Some clients have weird schedules. I am just a humble servant. I also worked on the next Life Coaching event in public. This one will be in another country. I’m a cheap version of Tony Robbins. Kinda maybe?

This weekend I betrayed myself. I ate and drank with no limits or boundaries. I ate white stuff and didn’t only drink watermelon. HAAAA! I drank Bellini’s, Martini’s and even a bit of a Margarita. We had a great celebration of Passover and Easter. We laughed, shared and made memories.

Back at it! I woke up today feeling sluggish and a lack of enthusiasm. Eating clean helps to motivate health and wellness. Verda people!!! I hit it harder than usual. I went into my back yard with my own set of Ader Kettle Bells and swung myself back into CPT Beast mode. We are human. Hu stands for multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. We are allowed to fail, to fall, to eat bread and to drink wine. We are also allowed to forgive ourselves, dust off the dirt and get back up again. It’s a choice.

My bf says I got a paper. He means my Master Life Coaching Certfication. He’s right. I got a paper. It’s up to me to do something with that paper, isn’t it? It’s a choice.

We are what we want to be. We are who we want to be. We choose the people we love. We choose to be great or just be. It’s all good as long as we are happy.

Choice… it’s a tricky thang.

Wishing you and yours a very productive short week. Gonna podcast in a few on Instagram. My first ever podcast on Social Media. I am excited.

and if you don’t know, I am successful,