I am and always will be an addict. Scars make me Magda. I find that the lucky ones are those that can try it once and walk away with a memory. I’m the opposite of those peeps. I hit it hard, I stick. Choosing what to stick to is the tricky part. The bad guy in John Wick said it perfectly, “People don’t change, times do.” Choose your stick wisely.

Fitness has been a way of life for me for approximately three and half years. It replaced smoking and yuck personal stuff. I extinguished the negative addictions with the sweat life. My back is probably the body part that benefitted the most. My butt changed a bit too. Due to being born with a curvature in my spine, I suffer from back pain on the daily. Now, it’s a different pain. It’s a soreness that I wish I could rap my arms around and never let go of. It’s healthy pain.

Breaking bad is something I do easily. Perhaps this is why Coaching really does feel natural. I can identify the issue, the goal, the obstacles and with exact aim and organization -attack! If the tie that binds is one that is strangling you then cut it! It’s quite simple. I can say that now because I have done it before. To most people, cutting ties is just too difficult. A question I often ask my Coachees is “What happens if you did?”

Darren and I were chosen to lead, Coach and inspire together! It’s kind of ironic that we are both Coaches. He is a Master in all things Basketball and I am a Master in all things Life, but both Coaches nevertheless. It’s beautiful how we support each other. I have been to many events where he makes magic with those balls (the public kind) and now he comes to my events. I will be Coaching in New York on Halloween at the HenryStreet Settlement. I am very excited because I heard the crowd was going to be tough. I never did like Easy Street. I don’t do lazy. Knowing my boo will be there for me gives me strength.

Halloween! I am coming out of my clothes with enthusiasm for this year’s costumes. I feel like a 32 year old. Put us together, how they gon’ stop both us? It knocks the socks off of the Ron and Veronica power couple!

Fit is Fly will be introduced to Dade County Public schools this week! I am grateful for this opportunity. Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

Alex and April have joined powers. I know their energy will be explosive. Body & Soul and the RKC Certified instructor will make great things happen!

On deck, working out till my spine and core can depend on each other like best friends, making a difference one sesh at a time and loving those that love me.

EE Cummings has the key to all healthy addictions! “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world : someone to love, (Double check) something to do (Triple check) and something to hope for. (One Million Checks)


and if you don’t know, life is a boomerang,