adventures of Lil Ball


Congratulations David and Sandy Lopez! Hey! Hey! 

Passover Seder, end of tax season and making hats with Chloe and Samantha will definitely be the highlights of my upcoming week.

Truth is, I’m a little intimidated by the thought of not mastering the preparation of Tzimmies. Roman will be in school so I’m on my own on this one. I’ve always included my son in “the cooking for holidays” tradition. A man that can cook is rare and very sexy. It’ll be our first time participating in a Jewish holiday. It’s so neat when you expose your child to different and new. My son is an exceptional mind with a great heart and happened to crush the competition at this weekends golf tournament at Deering Bay. I’m so proud of you Yo!

My first Kentucky Derby is on May 3 at Gulf Stream Park! I’m insanely excited. It sounds like decadence and debauchery if you ask me. Beautiful people in opulence is all new. My friend, Chantal Sutherland was invited to the Derby, I hope she can make it! Crossing my fingers, the world’s most gorgeous jockey in Miami raising awareness for Blossom’s Therapy and Cerebral Palsy. The event is in benefit of children, special children. It’s a party with purpose. Call Mighty at the office for this red carpet event 305.903.7160. Space is limited.

Speaking of space, I had to open more up for the Stop Smoking Webinar on April 29 at 6 pm!! Mighty has the info!! Call her. I am so honored to introduce you to the method man, Kerry Gaynor. He’s a life saver!

North Carolina was the most romantic marathon of them all! It was perf! JohnLegend, the moon, ( it’s different with us) the ride with a celebrity could not have been better even if it was planned. Darren not only played the right music he valiantly saved us from what appeared to be a King Cobra!

Cleaning up the environment, museums like Alice in Wonderland and that nose. Life is pretty darn fantastic.

Jimmy Valvano said, “don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” As I write my 54th blog, while I watch my boyfriend on WRAL Channel 5, I realize I never did, I never will- no exception.

Life will throw you curve balls, wait for yours, it’ll come. I caught mine, he has ringlets and wears the Star of David on his chest.

and if you don’t know, I’ll be with April in St. Tropez on Thursday,


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