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September 15, 2019


got my costume, what are you gonna be? happy birthday DAN MARINO! full moon love on this very romantic friday the 13th!!! so many new things happening in our city, on our airwaves, thank you for listening to me- I am grateful! cheering for lucy too! tom who? almost HALLOWEEN!!!! EEK!

August 30, 2019


he called me the pulse of miami, and all I could think about was praying for miami. thank you Joe from Kane for sending me the stuff. you made my day! wishing all of you the safest hurricane experience ever. see you on the sidelines, FINS UP! she’s a hurricane by the fray is one of my fave songs ever, I think they wrote it about me.

August 19, 2019


The thing about Miami, we’re all connected. How lucky am I to know so many entrepreneurs, creators, makers and doers? If you haven’t heard, The Citadel is the place to be. I will be there a lot. Consider me a friend of the movement. Sustainability, community, health and homegrown local love are a few things I am very passionate about. Hey Darren, what are you passionate about?

August 12, 2019


I can’t believe we are mid August already.  This month is going to be podcast rich! Hope to see you at The Moore Building tomorrow. Squeeze every bit of summer left like it’s a juicy lemon! And yes, Ill be on the sidelines opening day!! Are you ready for some football?