bye bye bah-sel





I saw a lot of chusmeria and rain go down. the art was spectacular. two years ago was my first exposure to basel. I went holding my boyfriends hand through the streets of Wynwood. we saw art but not like this. the year after that  was Jared’s turn.  I was caught in a protest with April.  this year there was no Jared, no April and no boyfriend. the culture and fitness was mine to be explored on my own. he did the same. making memories is life and who you play with is who you stay with.

I did a lot of yoga this weekend. I thought a lot about the words. cat always did that to me but now I am in need of them more than ever. love does not harm. I am enough. the light in me is the kindness that protects me from unkind people. phrases like that are resonating. the world needs them and so do i.

I am exhausted from so much beauty and innovation. I was able to see and do a lot, more than the common baselers. I am lucky. being unique is something I have always strived for. it separates me from the crowds.  I don’t just let anyone into my heart or life.

I really believe that what broke my marriage was the sad reality that my former husband had let so many people into my privacy, my heart, my vulnerability.  when you invite foreigners into a two people team- you might as well call it a knock out. as much as I stand by my choice for divorce, I will never let anyone disparage or harm him in my view. I loved him and he is the father of my son.  in part, he married me because I am so fierce in protection.

protected is how I felt all weekend except for when uber wasn’t reachable. if you are with people that leave you feeling unprotected- GET OUT!!!!!! love is not cruel.

the day santa arrives and new years is right around the corner. I love this time of the year. I am happy not just faking a life on insta.

insta is a business people, life is meant to be lived with the ones that love you. go live!!!!


and if you don’t know, love is kind,