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I almost fell on the floor when I learned about Chronic vs Situational Disorganization. I consider myself an expert of timeliness, and organization. I never lose things. I take great pride in that. I know why too. I take greater pride in that identification. So the television cameras come in along with my cousin, we stand next to each other and the interview begins.

I began talking to the woman in my home about the reasons for clutter and hoarding and before you know it, I am identifying trauma in my Coachees, in situations, in myself. I have always been intrigued by those that always lose their keys, live in a mess and are highly disorganized. People that procrastinate but are functional earners among us are fascinating to me. One of the reasons I believe I am hired as a Coach is my ability to dissect and organize the patterns and execute the habits for leadership and control. I have OCD.

OCD harnessed and mastered can be a great thing.

Chronic Disorganization is a term that is noticed when people have difficulty maintaining traditional organizing methods. Just like a Personal Trainer is needed for fitness, a Life Coach is needed for Personal Agility Coaching to cultivate resolution skills as an alternative to relying on self- control. I’m quick like a NINJA! Agility is fun. Agility of the mind is necessary to live a balanced and healthy life style.

Emotional agility training to increase self -acceptance and self -confidence would strengthen the ability to detach from ideas, things, and commitments with less grief.

This is NOT a disease. It is a behavioral pattern.

Personality Traits of People that are Chronic are:

Highly Gifted

Right Brain Dominant

Strong emotional Attachment to Things

Energy of Another helps them to feel Focused

Tendency to Lose Track of Time

Tend to get stressed and frustrated especially if things are not done “perfectly”

Difficulty committing because of all of the possibilities

Commonly associated with ADHD, OCD, Autism, autistic spectrum disorder, depression, addiction to shopping, cluttering, PTSD

I am amazed to have learned so much about humanity in this experience. I am very fast in a gym. I am even faster as a Life Coach, a great first step in thinking you might be chronically disorganized is to find a way to muster as much self -compassion as you can and shift the perspective.

Or you can call me, I am an expert at cleaning out closets. So to speak. BTW, that is my all-time favorite Eminem song. Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up?

and if you don’t know, I am agile,