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July 24, 2017

Lia on Love, Lunchology and FUFU

lia2I am so honored to have connected with such a leader in this community. She has style, elegance and grace. She owns her own business and is crushing the market. Lia is a fine example of a real entrepreneur and women who creates. We can learn a lot from the original C Killa! Te quiero- fluid!

July 19, 2017

fear is a liar

Fear is a liarWhat are you afraid of? I’m like, YO what up fear, WTF? Phobia can paralyze us. Fear can stop us from living. Shame, embarrassment and fear are usually intertwined emotions.  I have an irrational fear. I also fear betrayal. Management of those fears is easy for me. Thankfully, embarrassment isn’t a thing for me. I live. However, it is for millions of humans.. How do you manage your fears? Fear indeed is a liar. A fraudulent liar.

July 11, 2017

Food Porn





I’m a flexitarian. What are you? I also get a double tall mocha at Starbucks. The way people eat says so much about them. Do you know binge eaters? Do you know rigid dieters that abstain from real life? Who can you turn to for guidance? This is a custom decadent mix of deliciousness custom made by Benny from Naiyara for me. He’s very well balanced too.

July 10, 2017




if you aren’t feeling like you are the only human in the room, get out of the room. if your partner doesn’t sacrifice everything for you, that person isn’t your partner. all or nothing, the rest is jus playin or a plain bagel- I LOVE BAGEL EVERYTHING!!!!!