I used to be afraid of the chaos that inevitably comes from change, now I invite it. The fearlessness in that alone is epic. I feel age and experience give me the strength to see opportunity for growth and true happiness. I am excited. Really excited. Like a baby pitbull, I feel like I’m jumping and racing through the hallways of my new home. Hallways….. some things are never forgotten.

My Mother’s Day was the best ever. I have been a parent for fifteen years. This day by far was the best. My son treated me like a queen. I did a fine job, I received many cards, gifts and too many flowers confirming that. I felt loved. Truly loved, for free. Change is good.

On September 4, I will be judging together with some leading fitness experts and athletes in the “Mr. and Ms. South Miami 2015” contest held at the University of Miami in trust for a scholarship. This event will be held in benefit of a child and his or her education. I am so down for this. Fitness and true philanthropy turns me on. Please email me ( if you are interested in sponsoring, competing and just helping. Goodness is contagious. It ALWAYS beats misery. Choose it! I did.

I spoke to Tina, the handstand kick victim from the Topless Yoga event. She forgives my enthusiasm and loves me just the same. I was humbled by her kindness. I practiced last night and couldn’t help but peeking at the person behind me and allowing for extra space. I guess I will always proceed with caution now. In yoga and other matters too.

Roman decided to gift me a brilliant, strong and brave creature-HOVA. My eyes couldn’t believe it. My heart beat quickly and I cried. The danger I felt in owning a dog disappeared. I felt like all of the goodness in me manifested in this fabulous being. All of my most recent mistakes were erased and all I could see was possibility. I am open. Divine possibility, come and get it!!!!! HOVA is it’s name. My friend David wasn’t pleased. My puppy reminds me of Jay-Z. Jehovah. Jayhovah. The Jewish God. My God. HOVA. I immediately felt protected. Thank you Roman.

Today, I have a live Podcast with the master of Yoga, Pablo Lucero. I can’t wait to get contaminated with his groovy vibe and see what is in store for this very ambitious man. Realistic goals and exact execution sounds like a page in my book. He’s a LEO-that’s why.

Miami Fit Wear fitted me in the most amazing gear. I got a job this weekend, a W-2 kind. (Seventh Source of Income) I wore the stripes guys. I rocked the stage. The tiger ones I’ll save for a more public venue. A larger stage. Eight way stretch ladies is the way to go.

So I passed by Cream, the boutique in South Miami this weekend for trinkets for my mom, I couldn’t get a grasp on all of the people (beautiful people) in the joint. My cousin Vanessa, bought my aunt a bad purse and I joined in the fun. Tamara and I laughed and remembered how fast life can switch. We know a little boy who had a car hit him. Happy is the goal.

Verda is coming out with THIN!!!! Yes, a THIN solution. I got stopped coming out of Lulu yesterday and asked if I could train. I can train but I prefer not too. She (Merrick Park shopping acquaintance) asked me what I eat on the daily and I easily responded VERDA! You cannot out run a bad diet or lack of self control. Balance is the key and of course Verda!! Obvi!!! You can buy it on my site.

and if you don’t’ know, #pitbullsofInstagram, magda