Cinco de Goaleo


I took my top off with one hundred very inspiring people in our fitness community yesterday. We practiced topless yoga. I was humbled over and over again. A room full of goodness, acceptance and fearlessness in the heart of the Wynwood Walls. On my left, was one of the people that believe in me most, Raquel, the owner of Miami Fit Wear and on the other side of me was Doctor Dribble. A local hero always doing for his community. In front of me was one of my oldest and dearest friends, David. He looked like a pro, becoming one with his soul. Behind me was a new and wonderful woman, Tina. Tina and I became very close. I almost killed her. If you know anything about me, you know I go hard. I almost killed her hard. I became so enthused with the Jodiisms of yoga that when she asked us to kick back into a handstand, I kicked back hard. I kicked Tina in the face. My heart sank.

Our practice was briefly interrupted. We ran to the back and all of the Lululemon staff came to her rescue. I apologized repeatedly and all Tina said was don’t worry we will get back to the practice. I assured her that we were in the real yoga practice at that moment. We became friends instantaneously.

It was an honor to have been selected for this event. I never really considered myself a fitness guru. I became fit because it feels good, it’s rewarding and the health benefits don’t stop. The outward results are just a bonus. I suppose that is the clutch, the boner. Oops, I meant the bonus. Emily, the most beautiful leader of the event says she is body dysmorphic, aren’t we all? I do believe that there was a common thread with the guests in yesterday’s event. For the most part, they all are leaders in their own right and do live at an accelerated rate as they inspire by just living out loud. My truth is someone’s biggest fear. You really never know who you are inspiring. Life becomes larger when you look at it like that.

My son finally got his trophy. I got the membership to the Riviera Country Club for my ex husbands 40th birthday gift. I worked hard for this family gift. My son was the true winner in this acquisition. He is a golfer. A good one. Moreover, he is a good person. After years of going to the same event and watching his predecessors win this award, it was finally his turn. I wasn’t invited to this event, so I wasn’t able to see it for myself. My stepson Valy sent me the video. I knew then that the twenty years I loved Valy, paid off. He thought of me. My son is so happy. I am happy for him.

It’s Cinco de Mayo tomorrow people, make a five goal list and crush them. I will be celebrating with my true love somewhere in Miami! If you see me, scream OLE! REVETE!

and if you don’t know, gifts for your mama,