divine sorrow


As quickly as all of the beauty, mystery, creativity and fusion of the unknown trampled its way in to Miami, it leaves. Until next year, Art Basel. This Basel for me was the best ever. I just wandered in and out of what seemed like never ending new. It was surreal. I had time to study and really drink the elements around me. I learned to do that from now on. I was in the center of my first protest. I ran into so many celebrities, I got yoga stoned with my fave man Yogi, MC himself. I fell more in love with him as I watched him treat his wife with so much regard. It is an inspiration to see that kind of worship for a partner.

Nobu with Dan Bilzerian and Miley had us roll on the floor. Really, why does that always happen to us? April don’t be shy sis, ask for the pic!!

The pop up tent at Soho seemed more like I was in Cannes Film Festival, oh what a night! That is my back yard, I played with balls. I climbed art, I danced in happiness. I put my phone down, I laughed with friends. It was amazing.

I did the country club and it did us.

Verda is what I eat. I am so grateful to have found this miracle food. My cage is popping, my inner thighs are tight and my bootay is prominent. It changed my nutrition and body immediately. Thank you for showing up at Athleta to support Vanessa Scotto and I in our first collab. We were the dancing queens of Lincoln Road. Take in the good stuff and release the CACA girlfriends. We will be doing it again on Wednesday at KlangBox with two lululemon ambadassadors. I just can’t get away from those peeps.

I almost finished Christmas shopping and just need my Hanukah candles for the menorah. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Almost 2015. I am excited.

87,100 subscribers to my podcast, three new sponsors this week and I got a great topic coming up. How do you break up with a friend? We all know how break ups go? Painful, difficult and sometimes the best choice ever, how do they differ when it is a friend? How are they similar? Any thoughts, lemme know. I feel passion on this flow.

Working out hard, loving every minute of it! April and Orestes got me like a ping pong shredded and smiling. You are both a great part of my day. Thank you.

I am truly saddened by watching Basel leave, the tents, the pop ups but I know it’ll be back same time next year. I will be there, front row center. Meeeeeeee! I would be a fool to let it go.

and if you don’t know, I love you beyond belief,