Ever After

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Like in the movie with Drew Barrymore as Cinderella, I danced all night in the center of what seemed like a lit stage surrounded with beautiful, tall and famous people. I felt like a princess. The dress was none other than Alexis from Studio LX and the shoes were purple! My date was the most gallant of the night. I felt like the only woman in the room. They hate us cuz they ain’t us. It was the best New Year’s Eve of my life. It was us against all odds, the world, the elements. We were asked to explain why we were so happy. The answer is in his kiss. What a kiss! Uber is the the pumpkin carriage we rode in that very romantic night. Safety first.

Verda has been selling out on the site. If you want to be fit, look great and feel strong go to www.atreve-t.com and get some! Chocolate is my fave! The link is on my home page.

The cleanse began the Friday after New Year’s. Eight delish juices daily from Jugo Fresh for three days. It was a challenge. I feel lean and clean and will begin my attack on shreddedness tomorrow.

I made it! I am a true MF!!! I have been smoke free for two years. There were many days I felt like choking and dying on a pack of cigarettes. I can see that now because I chose life. How I poisoned myself willingly in that fashion will forever be a mystery to me. I am so grateful for the air I breathe, the foods I taste and the years I have returned to my life. If you know anyone that wants to save themselves or if you love a smoker please run to www.stopsmokingstartliving.com. Choose life.

I made another choice this weekend and am having pangs of fear because of it. I signed up for the Marathon I fell from last year. The Miami Marathon and I have memories. I will be doing the half this year. Last year, I signed up for the full but was overwhelmed with website issues and work. My son is running too. He is the most wonderful motivator a runner can hope for. Thanks Ro! Half of Miami will be there. I suppose everyone in Miami is famous in one way or another. I will not be running anymore after this marathon until I set foot in Vancouver. I heard the Who’s Who is gonna be there on January 25. Let’s run Miami!!!!

I am presently working on a very high profile podcast with a very well know House Wife. A happy wife is a happy life. If only they would listen. She is cool and hip and an athlete.

Thank you for all of the support on iTunes and the Blog. I appreciate you all very much. My Social Media keeps me laughing throughout. You rock!

I got Soul but I’m not a soldier. Soul Cycle in Merrick! Thanks to knowing a BFD ambadassador, I was treated to a class at Soul Cycle this weekend. The maverick SC firm doesn’t miss a beat. I felt I was in Santa Barbara or in New York on any given day. The tribe is very distinct and the form of teaching is exact. There is less room for individuality for a spin teacher tho. I am confident that this spin house will bring more to the rich variety in our city.

I am blessed every time I get hired as a Life Coach publically or privately, I am shocked when I get sponsored to talk on my Podcast, I am grateful to rep an athletic nutrition line and to market in my own unique way. It is very rewarding to make a living doing what you love. I never get tired of learning and growing and attempting betterment, but when I feel the love and support and patronage from the people around me, I am unstoppable. I feel strong and beautiful and it is because of you. Please write me, call me, text me your thoughts, ideas, comments. The feedback makes me wanna CRUSH 2015!

and if you don’t know, I’m gonna smash this year,