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On my refrigerator, I have magnets. I am certain to see them daily there. I love to eat! My favorite one is by Mitch Albom. I have read all of his books. I began to eat them like pistachios (salted of course) right after my divorce.  One day can bend your life was very true this week.




I had a few of those days this week. June has really been Epic. Be careful what you wish for. A few to me represents more than a couple. The high’s were off the charts! The low’s took me to levels that I had never seen.

When someone asks me if I want the good news first or the bad, I usually ask for the bad. (San Diego all over again)



The Bad Bent Days of My Week


Although I was with family, the blood kind, the only thing great about both home Heat games was my ability to quickly find my “Carrito Under The Moon” after the third quarter-twice. The Miami Heat crushed me this week. All things basketball destroyed my ability to breathe. At times, I felt I was not going to survive it.

Car shopping was sexy, I didn’t go alone. The Vanquish broke my heart, it was a tad too expensive.

Father’s Day was a lot easier than I imagined. I miss my father now more than ever. Roman and a Sunday well spent saved me tho. Running with a group of solid athletes started my day right! Eating a salad and watching movies made life exactly what I want it to be! Pure Bliss! My dad would’ve liked that!


The Fabulous Bent Days of My Week

I flew in the sky- so high! Like East Bound and Down and like so many brave warriors. I flew because I made it a goal – one fine day while eating lunch with my family. Jay at SunDowners in Tavarnier has a great shop that offers FlyBoarding through GroupOn.  He yelled “You are a RockStar”! I felt more like Raggedy Ann. My body slammed so hard multiple times. I felt my eyes would fly out of the sockets every time I hit the glass surfaced ocean. The view from the top was outrageous. The Tarpon looked like Jaws and the world and everything in it looked small. Sometimes it’s good to look at things with a different perspective. The pelvic thrust I learned in Newton’s Method helped propel me out of the water and being a fit chick enhanced the experience. Thank Goodness for exercise and fitness. Kettlebell gratitude.

The Women of Influence Power Lunch was a great success. I met so many wonderful women. How lucky am I ? I incorporated sensory based movement with Master Life Coaching and got paid for it! Thank you Michi and all of the amazing maverick chicks that shared their hopes and dreams with me. Memories take you back, dreams take you forward. Dream hard ladies! And in case you don’t know, I equate happiness with the pistol. Nudge, wink!

I’m down to 125 lbs! I’m running again! Hmmm?

Toronto, I’m coming!!!!


True Blood is starting, another season with you!!!


and if you don’t know, I believe in fairy tales,



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