faena for father’s day


blessed is not enough to express my gratitude for this weekend. my life is filled with givers, lovers, and friends. it always has been. I am not rich in having my dad physically next to me. humbly, i am able to find beauty in the people that stand in line to be with me. it is a great feeling to know that you are loved. my friends (the real kind) came out in droves to love me yesterday. i am so grateful. the same thing happens to me on my birthday. the folk that know me know that on holidays, i am alone. it’s their love for me that gets me fired up. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

my weekend was filled with newness. i went to so many places i hadn’t been before. i mean gorgeous. money doesn’t impress me but another human trying to impress me impresses me, ya know. lucky is the word i used all weekend. my horizons grew, the vastness of my city is alarming.

BOOM! i felt like i was the only person in the room all weekend. i absolutely LOVE that feeling. only a real person invokes that in another. it is this oneness that is so rare.

common shit doesn’t move me, i strive for the best. i work for it. this equation is a guaranteed greatness always. it’s simple.

my workout routines have amplified. it’s so cool when you meet so many talented trainers. this month alone, i have met great talent. it inspires me to work out more frequently. truth is, i work out for my sanity but when you are led by authentic humans it’s easier. i don’t need trainers, gyms or classes, i need momentum, company and encouragement during my workouts. the only down side to this is you have perverts in all gyms scoping women and much to my surprise women doing the same thing. losers everywhere. it’s so cliché tho.

i played like a child at Ivivva again. the children are so enlightening and never seem to get tired. i adore leading and loving those little people. i suppose it’s because i love being with adults in real life. i love being an adult. i love my life.

verda was the gift i gave many this weekend. i spent most of last week planning the marketing campaign for two of my  biggest clients. i coached over thirty Coachees and managed to reflect still on the loss in orlando. i was busy, productive, active and most of all in love with my life and the people in it.

hope you had an amazing week filled with joy and the people you love and that love you. it’s the only way to live.

Only Eleven (our fave club) days till my birthday month. get excited!

and if you don’t know, my weekend was magic,