Fall Out Girl


I am contractually bound to make a weekly video for one of my sponsors. In these videos, I am to portray a strong and healthy lifestyle. The portrayal part is easy, it’s authentic. However, the fitness part is a challenge. I’m not your average Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton-John type of chick. I go hard. I fell hard too. I almost died for my sponsor. I love you VERDA! Thank you for keeping me tight and tiny.

Whilst my body was in the air, I couldn’t help but think. I thought of the chances of me falling doing something I do everywhere and anywhere daily. Hand stands and skating, easy peezy! Why now? Why today? Why when I was being recorded? Um yeah, a bit embarrassing! Skate board wipe outs are no joke! I also thought of the man on the moon, how he landed. Did he absorb impact? I didn’t. I want SPLAT, THWACK and OUCH!

I thought about the word “fall” itself. In seconds, my mind raced. Falling in love, falling on top and cracking my head open are the last thoughts I had before I crashed. My son came running to my rescue. He has been the only man that has stuck with me through it all. He is invested. He is going to be the best husband ever. They say that all you have to look for in a man is how he treats his mother as a true indication of how he will treat you. My son is going to make his wife a very happy lady.

After we rushed to the nearest adult friend, I was able to process falling. Thank you Matt for helping me, first aiding your podcaster. You really are loved locally and by me personally. My love is pretty strong brother, you are a most deserving recipient. Happy Third Birthday Jugo Fresh!!!

I don’t “fall” in love. I rise in love. I fight, I sweat, I work to maintain love. Love is not free. You have to pay your own way to keep love. The man on the top of the mountain, didn’t “fall” there. He climbed. He scraped, he hustled to the top. I “fall” off my long board. I “fall” from being tired into my bed. I “fall” into the arms of my love. Falling has taken flight for me after this weekend. It has new meaning.

Today, I begin a new partnership with a local sponsor. Miami Fit Wear has chosen me to swing Ader in, perform TRX in and just be @revete in. I am truly honored. My climb up the professional mountain is getting easier, more fluid. Life Coaching clients are seeking me out, Marketing clients are falling left, right and more right. Truth is, I have always been a successful mountain climber. The rise to love is the one I have always found more challenging. I am perfectly imperfect. I think if you can admit that, you are ahead of the game already.

Records are meant to be broken, limits pushed and goals recreated daily. It’s Monday people, go get some. I am.

and if you don’t know, I’m still standing,