fear the beard


It’s almost like the last cigarette! I remember many times prior to meeting Kerry Gaynor and using the Stop Smoking Start Living method to finally quit smoking, I would say to myself, “that’s the last time.” I would make myself the promise and make a mental list of why I shouldn’t do it again. I would break that promise in less than two hours repeatedly for about two decades. Marathon running is the same thing for me. Every time I cross the finish line, I make that promise to myself, “this is the last time.” I have broken this promise to myself at least five times. I am usually prompted by a six foot tall bearded man but in the end it’s the high. The rush. The feeling of accomplishment is really addicting. If you have never run a marathon, I recommend doing it NOW! I am included in the elite group of 5% of America that have run a marathon. I also am a non-smoker after 21 years. I suppose I have the mental strength of a bull. I’d also like to believe I am an athlete. There is an athlete in all of us.

I will be Life Coaching in Athleta, Lincoln Road on December 7, Sunday! Maybe we can go for a run?

My boyfriend and I went to shake the hands of the men that make us laugh weekly. The Impractical Jokers have broken up our work weeks, our debates, our stress like champions. I touched them because they touch us. These four men are so real. Darren bought me a double and we laughed hard! Thanks cowboy! I love being your date.

Hair is so not relevant for me! I have had long hair all of my life. I really take it for granted. I recently had the awesome privilege of cutting the salon quality locks of the legendary Doctor Dribble off! Not gonna lie, it was nerve wracking. He grew it out to donate it to Cancer- Locks of Love. He was a perfect Forrest Gump and I was his Jenny. But the part that made me nervous was the memories of the past two years that we created as he grew his hair, would they be altered? For a split second, I almost put the scissors down and then I remembered I am a two time Super Spartan. I cut it. He looks simply smashing. That nose.

Roman began his career in the Stock Exchange this week. I am so proud to be the mother of that young man. Our home is for sale. Our family will be moving soon. We are the richest blend! If you are interested in buying a Historical Home that has only had four owners in Coral Gables- call me.

The Gulliver Holiday Market Place will be held on November 18 at the Academy 8:30-4:30 pm. This year we have our favorite returning stores Sweet Pea, Studio LX and Blush Boutique. We have over fifty percent new vendors. Our vendors are usually sold out by noon! We are bad ass like that! We are Raiders!

The fountain of youth has been sought after by Indiana Jones and every female over twenty for as long as lipstick has existed. I will be having my first interactive live podcast on this subject on December 3 at 7 pm! You don’t want to miss this. I have experts from Harvard, Yale and all over the City helping us stay young. Don’t get your panties in a bunch! It’s in great part hormonal.

The Soho Hollywood will be the fourth of the seven houses I get to meet this weekend! I will be an Avenger on Sunday! Doctor Dribble might have to hydrate me. Haaaa!

I get asked daily what I do for a living- I thought I’d clear that up in one shot. My very first PodCast will be on that very topic. What don’t I do? I’m thirsty to learn, to earn, to create. One shot people! Make it count. I can’t wait. Can you feel the treble, control the pitch- bring in the jingle- I will rock the mic! My father always said that the person behind the microphone is the most powerful. Please listen cause it’s free- the sponsors pay for it!

My men watched the Heat last night and I cooked. We had a quiet night. It’s bomb to love and be loved safely, faithfully and simply. I am so fortunate. It’s in the gratitude I feel for this life that keeps it fruitful.

Darren and I are celebrating a great man on Wednesday. Perhaps the greatest! It’s date night! I promise to share all details on this rare venue.

This year has flown by, I am analyzing what I did, and am satisfied completely. I was active, kind, healthy and a good mom, being in love makes everything crisp too. The secret to my success in 2014 is knowing the many reasons why I give thanks. Onward and upward, too excited.

and if you don’t know, were gonna run Disney again,


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