fly me to the moon

I love frank. I love elvis. I love when a man loves me. it’s that feeling of being protected, paid for, attended to that floats my boat. when a man says I love you, I worry about you, I am here for you and then shows it!!! wow, that shit moves mountains for me. I really am so flattered in my life right now. I am the oldest I’ll ever be and feel like I am learning how to walk. I am always getting complimented, shown love. it is amazing.

how do I navigate through all of the newness? what do I agree to? I am being very methodical in my choices now. I am lending my energy to the few people that I trust and am working tirelessly. I have moments where I look at the gifts, the flirtation, the propositions and I smile. I am 45!! it’s crazy. it took me a long time to realize that when you are loved, you don’t ever feel sad. I feel like I can climb mountains now.

roman is going to college soon and I am spending more and more time with him. I love to see how grateful, humble and happy he is. I did well. gratitude is one of the sexiest traits any human can own. I imagine how terrible it is to be the parent of an ungrateful soul. or even worse, being ungrateful. yuck!! gratitude is the only attitude for this life.

I had a great weekend. party after party on top of party was my flow. I managed to coach ten clients in between. multitasker!

this year I had so many firsts! I made great memories. I am surrounded by love. I am blessed. I wonder what it’s like to feel differently. I hear my clients describe their lives and my heart aches.

choices is the answer, we make them all day, every day. you are what you choose. you are in love with the people you choose. there is no other definition. choose wisely.

it’s monday and I am late on my blog because I was dancing, watching movies, being great and LOVING all of the people around me. Happy Week lovers!

and if you don’t know, I am a thoroughbred,