Go On Ask Me


January hit hard, really hard. Orestes would have told me to have my fists up! Orestes is a bad ass trainer. He taught me a single class in Self-Defense. I will never forget one word spoken in that class. Ever. You simply never forget things that make you feel. Environments will inevitably change, phone numbers, hairstyles, society but the people and moments that made you double over in laughter and in pain are never forgotten.

I signed the contract with Verda. I am so honored. I will see you in Vancouver. The contract confirms the hard work and goals I have crushed since that wonderful day I decided to become healthy. Stop Smoking Start Living backed them up this week too. I have had at least three instances this week where my own personal health accomplishments have been celebrated and confirmed. It is nice to hear and feel appreciated. I never set out to get those contracts or freebies, opportunities, I just decided to be healthy. Even mf’s such as myself need to be hugged. Hug me, please?

Health does not stop at the body we live in. Health begins in our minds and hearts. A perfect physique is meaningless if the insides are hollow. My friend Cat always speaks this in her classes of Yoga. It’s the mind, body and soul we seek to better as a whole. The challenge is deep. Keeping the mind free of radicals and the heart free of toxins takes effort. It’s no different than going to the gym. I am a Master Life Coach. Therapists, doctors, and coaches wouldn’t get hired if a real need for this did not exist.

This month I am hosting a Life Coaching sesh sponsored by a most generous donor for a magical experience for children. My goal is to free them of toxins and radicals for a brief two hours and hope to make a positive dent that might change their worlds. Children come first. I really get sad when adults overlook the sensitive needs and desires of the children around them. This week I will be announcing the children chosen. Thank you for your messages, emails and responses and nominations. The pictures brightened up my week!

I went to Pinecrest Fitness this weekend. Mike and Rick are old acquaintances that became friends. Rick, my abs are hot right now. Rick taught a great class with his beautiful wife in the front row. I love to see when husband and wife teams come together. A happy wife is a happy life. I will be back guys, I appreciate your hospitality.

Omar from Trublmaica and I got into some trouble. I met him at an Expo a while back. I knew in my gut that he was real. I am glad to have helped you. If you ever see me crawling in a marathon big guy make sure you pay it forward. By the way, the girl behind the lense for all pics Trublmaica is his soon to be wife. A fellow athlete. It’s no wonder he is a success, he loves his woman.

Saskia and Sam did not make it to the Super Bowl, they decided to have a Miami day. Laura and Jorge are also doing that. BBQ’s all over the city! I am very luckily invited, albeit I’m not a big football chick. I used to go to the games and get a tan (sun is bad for the skin) but that was the highlight for me. Also, staring at Jason Taylor and Dan the Man doesn’t hurt.

Ima dedicate today to me. This Sunday I will practice mindfulness for me. Jugo Fresh believes that this increases performance and so does Toyota. I agree.

Oh and hi! If I haven’t thanked you before, I wanna thank you now. I have NEVER missed writing a weekly blog in two years, despite my technical issues, sicknesses, heartbreak etc. I have always been consistent. So have you. I see the numbers behind the scenes and I just want to really squeeze you for being faithful to me right back. A relationship takes work from both the reader and blogger. Thank you for always giving me love. We’d prolly break up if you didn’t!

Happy February! May your month be full of love, passion and mushy stuff.

and if you don’t know, personal happiness equates in professional success,