Happiness is Absolutely a Choice

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This week started off with a bang! Jugo Fresh South Miami has been a pit stop on the daily for me. How lucky can one be? An extraordinary work out at Newton’s  Method and then a “Say It Ain’t So” to wash it down with.

The Women’s Power Lunch is a sell out! I am beyond humbled. I’m just a girl. Nothing excites me more than a goal! I am very much looking forward to meeting the leaders in all of the bad ass women at Town. Brace yourselves ladies, I’m known to get physical. 

I spent most of the week practicing Yoga with the real Yoga teacher Miss Cat Haayen and the very talented April Buchwald. Wynwood and The Standard couldn’t keep from shining light through us. We illuminated the way in each memory created.

Reyna’s Shower was so charming. I sat with my old friend Perse and we didn’t stop creating new versions of Foie Gras dishes. Babies have to be the biggest blessing any woman could ever experience. I am blessed.

I’m looking to buy a new car. I need some help on this. My Porsche was given to me for my birthday, it was fast and furious but I’m thinking four doors is more convenient. My loyal Denali is the baddest too.  It’s a gas guzzler. I’m looking to consolidate and simplify my life.

If you have any suggestions, please write me or comment on my Social Media pages. Car Shopping on my own will be a first. A lil scary but really exciting.

Stock still up! Heat is creating a third time Pandemonium in the city! Good and more good.

This time next week always makes me nostalgic. I will be missing my Original Super Man terribly. A father is the only man that never hurts his girl.

and if you don’t know, I miss you Papi,


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