happy anniversary to me

two decades ago I got married. I am lucky. I know what that feels like. I am grateful. the sanctity of marriage is beautiful. not so long ago, a new interest in my life and I discussed sanctifying yourself. I learned something. I am fortunate.

this month has been outrageous. I am having a blast. I’m not kidding! this being single thing is fucking amazing. everywhere I turn is greatness, kindness, romance and I don’t pay for anything. I don’t worry about anything anymore. its freedom.

I only do what makes me happy and I’m only with people that want the same thing for me. I am more careful daily with who I lend my energy to. its precious. he calls me a masterpiece.

what a beautiful week! so much realness in our community showed up. the real players were present. it was uplifting. there was mind, body and soul toys and schools for all of us. I forgot just how many people I really know. I thank God everyday for my life and the few peeps in it.

I had a friend come in from Toronto this week. my friends are ballers. the cream of the crop is the goal in all things. I don’t like common shit. I’d rather starve.

I’m really excited for wednesday and apparently a lot of others are too. how cool is it, that I can better people, help people, lift others just by being. on my knees grateful for that awesome plateful.

a man walked up to me at my new office in Paradigm kitchen and asked me about my blog. I am amazed that people care. this blog began as a love story and now it’s a real love story. thank you for your loyalty.

if you haven’t bought your ticket, you’ll be sorry.

wishing you the baddest always, together with the ones you love and the ones that love you!

and if you don’t know, I am very much in love,



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