He called her Nellie

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Hollywood Actor Aaron Eckhart and Calvin Klein Model River Viiperi came out to support my upcoming webinar on April 29th featuring Kerry Gaynor this week! I almost peed myself when I saw these celebrities speaking up to join me. Goodness is contagious. Positive energy is an epidemic. This cult of wellness is compassionate. It’s almost like one former addict reaches out to another and we become stronger because of our understanding of overcoming the slavery of smoking. Shacky says we should #stickit to cancer! This binds us together. It is truly humbling to know that Hollywood’s A- lister’s are human too. If you want to meet Kerry and learn how you too can stop smoking in a few hours, call Mighty at 305.903.7160, I promise she cares.

My April Fool’s Day was so fun. I spent the day working on my webinar as my boyfriend prepared for his San Fransisco marathon. We listened to Polka music. I love that we can mirror each other’s individual progress. I practice my Life Coaching passionately and he dribbles the crap out of success.

Roman had his own success this week as his LAX team took South Florida for the Championship. I am so grateful to have finally been granted permission to see his contribution for myself. #witnesshistory

LuluLemon has fabulous clothes but even greater Ambassadors! love three of them and live for one of them. (DD) I was fortunate enough to practice the real yoga with one of them on Friday. We channeled our prana and added some hot sauce. Thank you Cat!

April will be celebrating herself for the next two weeks because she can. Please party with passion. Darren and I will be joining the St. Tropez night! Happy Birthday to my forever Jenga partner and a very loyal friend. I trust you will make the celebrations (all of them) very special.

Truth is, I’m a bit overwhelmed with striving for greatness. A big interview, Fit is Fly, Kentucky Derby and much more on the griddle. So lucky…

Cristie one of our first clients, bought a pitbull named Nike the Goddess of Victory and opened www.freshmealplan.com all in one week! I order these delicious and cost effective meals for the minds at Atrevete, Inc and highly recommend to all athletes and fit people.

My personal Instagram page, @magdalopez10 will be closing on April 29th. Please DON’T leave me. Follow me @revete. I love my followers, I really do.

G2G! I have an appointment with my Doctor in a few hours.


and if you don’t know, Nellie was the love of his life,



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