Hiding is for the birds


I remember writing my last blog with so much relief. I was so scared to write. I was writing in code almost. I didn’t want to share my feelings. I was scared. It had been about six months of pain in that last blog. I had been suffering from my broken relationship. I felt his new lovers were reading me and my pain. I felt his new friends were dissecting my feelings. I asked myself how I could let this bother me over and over again. I was suffering is the truth. I was devastated. He was leading foreigners, perfect strangers to me and my broken heart. How does someone so strong, so fearless, end up afraid of judgement? I felt like I was in a cell. A prisoner of my own feelings.

It’s been about six months of a podcast less and blogless Magda. I feel strong again. I am aware of the lovers, the friends, the critics and frankly I am carefree now. It took me a minute to gain equilibrium.

My life has spiraled from one success to another in every aspect this past year. I have learned to love my self like never before. I am working more than ever as a national life coach. I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe it. I have acquired many new fitness certifications and am in optimum health. My son is healthy, humble and happy and about eleven months away from leaving my nest. My life is paradise.

My personal life has been beautiful. The people around me LOVE me. I don’t have a gang of people around me, I only have the ones that love me. My circle is tight and made of gold. My next wedding ring will be like that. I am a big fan of simplicity.

The last wedding I went to was in Puerto Rico. The bride looked at the groom and in the vows said the following, I forsake everything and everyone for you. It hit me like a lightning bolt.

I’m not sure how often I will be blogging but I promise to never fear sharing myself honestly again. Fear is a liar. I will be on podcast soon too. She’s back and stronger than ever before. Please message me on topics you want me to elaborate on too. Hiding is for the birds.

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