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December 16, 2019


The donations in my name for the make a wish challenge are still coming in, I am beyond humbled and grateful and teary eyed. THANK YOUUUUUUU! This month my son just realized who my dad was, I am so lucky to watch his pride grow for his grandfather. My dad was really very special. I hope your holiday is everything you designed it to be. I’ll get with you one last time before 2020. Bro, I just said 2020!! WOW!!

November 24, 2019

jive turkey

happy thanksgiving to you!! come serve with me at branches!! so very grateful this year for so many things specifically my health, Roman, my new beau and Celsius!!! bobby and I made a podcast, but lost it. we will redo in december, I promise. let’s go heat, if you haven’t donated to my pushup page, you playing and I hope to see you all @HHJewels on Dec 14- I’m a size 5 #bostonlove