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October 14, 2017



She wanted to fight with me but I said, “nah”. Michelle and I picked up right where we left off in Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas for the Gym Jones Women Certification on my podcast. Michelle is a 31 years old UFC fighter who packs alot more than a punch. I am blessed to talk with her again. We discuss life and everything in it. I hope to cheer for her soon in her upcoming event. Tune in and fall in love with my tiny Asian badass sister. Her husband is my hero, find out why in the podcast.

September 18, 2017

305 till I die

my friend made these shirts. you can get one at all proceeds are for the victims. tune into my experience with the bitch called Irma. hope you guys made it safely. big love!

August 20, 2017

Total Eclipse

A wolf made me do it. Hope you are with your favorite human when you look up at the moon! All of the Leo’s are out in full force. Protect your eyes and your heart. Can you feel that?

July 30, 2017

fly me to the moon (part two)

flymepithe second part of Emily’s reading focuses more on love. I was terrified when she spoke to me on this topic. she was so on the money tho. it was crazy. she asked me if I wanted to get married again. I died. make some popcorn, I talk about the man I recklessly, scandalously and wholeheartedly love. listen in and let me know your thoughts.