i’ll drink to that



#freakyouOutFriday again! I know it’s not Monday but it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. (kinda like my Instgram page, my love life, my bank account) 

Blogging is very much like having a relationship. You should love it always, protect it fiercely and nurture it consistently. If you drop the ball or neglect anything, it dies. This week so much has happened that has really made me a better human. Consistency in calling can break barriers. My son and I joined the Shoes for Streets program and helped so many. Laurie and Hans made this happen. Hans, I remember you.

I flowed with the Master of all Flowers, Mike GBT! He is so amazing. His body moves like water. He absorbs impact like a champ. He dances. He is smooth. I will be certified before the end of this year. ROARR!!!!!!!!

I got the email it is official, I will be a yogi! Early 2016, I will shock you! Breathe with me. It’s happening. Namaste! I am reading, flowing, destroying the patterns that hold me back. It’s so amazing.

BE YOU, BE TRUE and be honest. It isn’t easy knowing thyself and then being thyself. Gotta have a big set of balls.

I got nothin’ but love for my blog, it’s my lover, my religion, my diary, my truth. No one can change it or delete it. I can’t block it or deny it. This life is so cool.

Thank you to the followers that never left my blog, that stood through the lowest lows, the highest highs and to those that fell off- you are only as good as your last fall. Rise up, I’ll be there. I’m good at that, being there.

and if you don’t know, back to center as if nothing ever happened,



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