I’m still a rockstar

So funny! I take vitamins in the morning and at night and am in bed by 9:30 every evening. I am still a rock star. I love my age. I love the perspective. I am so proud of what I have done in my life. I haven’t fallen short or behind on any of my goals. I look around and am surrounded by my ideal life. the best part is, I have only just begun.

I meet so many folk every day. I hear things like  “I shoulda, I woulda, I coulda.” I am inclined to believe that those are the ones that don’t.

I am writing my blog today because I will be occupied on Sunday. the water always wins and so does king tide. it is an adult move. it’s like paying bills. I love being an adult.

I remember my last turkey day as a wife and haven’t had a more peaceful one like I did yesterday. my turkey day was free and I was in love. it is magical to be surrounded by love, free (no cost) love.

looking forward to more magic this weekend. 

wishing you the best weekend ever together with the choices you make and the people you choose.

and if you don’t know, so deep,