in love

I wrote a blog this morning and then erased it. I’m glad I did. I thought about it again while I was with the children and my helper Jen. Jen restored me today. Her presence in my day as a helper glued me back together again. She was honest. She loves yoga. She loves community. This was refreshing.

I spent my day sharing myself with hundreds of children. It makes me so happy to speak with young adults. I wish I could have had more of my own. I am grateful for Roman. He is a real man. It was of urgency to me to know that he is better than commonalities. He is rare.

I went to a wake for a nineteen year old child this weekend together with my son. I realized how important falling apart is. I have been friends with them for close to two decades. I don’t do transition friends. I don’t do flavors. if I call you friend, it is as important as my marriage. I have few. I went to show them strength, instead I cried in her arms. She felt my love.

Suicide is real, it is tragic. I know of four in my life and wonder what it feels like to want to die. I am so happy I have people that love me, miss me, want to be with me. I would never let them down. I love life. I really love my life.

Excuse the brevity of this blog, I have to catch up on sleep. I’m a safe catch.

and if you don’t know, it feels good to be loved,



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