in one moment it all changed


what a way to start my july!!! fireworks everywhere!! sparks flying, i can barely sleep. i am free.

i haven’t had so much fun since i was nineteen. i am doing everything i love with people that love me. it feels so good, so safe. the gyms, the beach, the dancing, the positivity is intoxicating. no one is hurting me, everyone around me is protecting me. in an encouraging, honest and loyal environment, anyone thrives.

i have mastered a coaching schedule that is specific. #grindallday my fitness schedule is like a vacation.  hope this feeling never ends. i wake up enthused for the new day like never before.

in chaos, one finds clarity. i see clearly now. i am changing, growing and loving every step of it. i had no idea how much love was around me. it’s really flattering. even with all my scars, i feel love. perfection is shallow, unreal and fatally uniteresting.

bieber fever enveloped much of my weekend. the komodo kick off, the alchemist media day and finally wanting to lift weights when I heard him sing “I’d never let you go” was bomb! he can dance. I love to dance.

it’s only the fourth of july and the thought of the next thirty days is exalting. I remember feeling like this on the day of my first Spartan race. i don’t know where i am headed or with whom and I’m totally cool with that.

my next public event in miami isn’t till October, I get many requests via DM and private messaging and rarely open any. if you’d like to hire me or speak to me, my website is the best way. i find private messages and DM’s are usually more of a match or a tinder scene. I steer clear of all of that. power to the folk that live in DM!

the event is called “fit, sexy and flawed” or something like that, the coordinators named it. once again, i smiled. i am so humbled by it all. i love it when people call me revete and the variations of that. roman corrected a girl at the alchemist the other day. he was floored, so am i! i am so grateful for everything i am and have and mostly for everything i don’t have.

i’m reading a book. it perhaps might be the topic in my next event not sure yet. i haven’t completed a book since the john wooden one. reading is really travelling out of one’s life momentarily. it’s a journey, a privilege. for me tho, nothing beats a movie with someone you love and trust.

TRUST is huge. i trust TICO at one miami in the gables. i trust he grows my cash. i trust verda nutrition shrinks my body, i trust life isn’t about money- it’s about the style of it. i am insanely grateful for mine.

@REVETE means to dare in spanish. i always did, i always will and there is no other way for a true grind. i don’t like the majority, i don’t complain often, i find gratitude even in loss. i am certain khaled would approve.

i hope your views are with the folk you truly love and the ones that truly love you!

and if you don’t know, i am indeed in love,