I know the Secret

IMG_3797 photo photo2Did you know that smoking kills time literally. Organic this, Juice that, Yoga goes Mainstream yet I can still see smokers killing themselves. Shake My Head. I was one of those suicide seekers not so long ago. And then I met him, Kerry Gaynor. The method man. I’ll be Coaching on this topic on April 29 at 6:00 pm. People are always asking me how it’s done. How do you go from addict to smoke-free in a few hours? I’ll tell you how and introduce you to Kerry himself. For information on how to join me, call Mighty at 305.903.7160. Do you know a smoker you want to save, do you love a smoker?

Health is wealth. The actual word yoga means joining. Later Hindu texts describe the binding of the breath and the mind using the syllable “Om”. Breathing can be a challenge if you smoke. A truly victorious breath is one of a non-smoker. The mind is the shift changer in the equation.

I always lift the couch when I’m cleaning the living room. I mean if you are going to save yourself from certain death by cigarettes you must remove the triggers that provoke this habit. That’s an entirely different Coaching session. What makes a human being smoke? I will be hosting that session in May.

So clean, I cleaned. A proper clean is like watching a great movie. Darren likes to show off his bad ass skills and they are nothing short of perfect too. He stepped me through the sequence like a teacher would explain colors to a toddler. At heart, the man is a teacher. Mad love for teachers. Mad love for him.

We celebrated our one year anniversary last week. I am grateful. Really grateful. It’s him and I against the world. How cool is it to trust? It’s freedom.

I received my two diplomas this week. Maybe I can buy a Christmas tree now? I am Magda and you can call me Master Life Coach. Aight!

File extensions or file returns but please don’t forget to file. Accountancy is in abundance in Miami but if you call Lopez & Partners, LLC , I’ll be happy. 305.444.6030 ask for Natalie tell her Magda sent you.

Looking forward to spending quality time with a beloved friend and legendary Lulu Lemon Ambassador this week, she always makes me smile. April fits this description too, but no it’s another ambassador I’m referring too. She has cat like like reflexes.

April, I missed your sexy ass!!! I’m glad you refilled and refueled your #giveloveometer. You’re going to need it, gotta a big party coming up.

Wait! Did you know that Paris (Hilton) and River share the same age difference that Darren and I share? River stopped smoking the same way I did! You guys have to help me in paying it forward, send me all your smokers!! Let’s save lives together!

April Is here! Memories to be made, money to be earned, love to be given, and a very special birthday to be celebrated.

No more time to kill, I appreciate life, my health and the two men that are faithful to me.

and if you don’t know, the secret lies in all of us,


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