let’s flip the switch on that bitch



it’s mine to flip. what a week! phew!! why is it that only professional athletes engage me as a life coach? it’s through the site. the corporate coaching jobs I get more often than not through the accreditation firms. being a master takes longer hours, I’m grateful to have put those in. I plan on getting my 500 hours in yoga soon too. you see, I practice because I love yoga. I love the real yoga. my practice is authentic. being an over achiever is life.

it’s not what you have, or what you do, it’s what you are. when I got the phone call that annie died, I fell on the floor. I lost my balance. I thanked God profusely.

I was fortunate enough to have seen her at a basketball game in westminster not too long ago. when we saw each other, we blocked the entire room out and just laughed and talked. annie and I have been friends for over three decades. I know a lot of people but I am not people who need people. I am very choosy as to who I have around me. my energy and my love are everlasting and annie was the same way. she left everyone better off after seeing her, speaking with her. when annie hugged you, you felt it. the world lost a great woman. she is dancing with prince right now. the last time I danced with annie, we were in the pit at the red hot chili pepper concert. miike snow was a dream come true- thank you.

yeah, I have few friends, she was one.  I feel angry momentarily but joyful that I knew an angel like her.

tomorrow, I’m gonna do something new. I’m over the moon (full moon) nudge, nudge excited about! this has been the only thing making me smile all week other than the gift of life of course and good night texts. I am nervous. I love that feeling.

professionally, I wanna meet you and help get you fierce. come join me at cavalier in the gables 6-8pm on humpday, may 25. I wanna touch you.

and if you don’t know, this life is cool,



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