nina simone had it right when she sang a kiss is life, a kiss is spring, a kiss is you daddy. a kiss is a new life.

I have been very fortunate to know what she means. my age and experience confirms this knowledge.

I was going to bore you with telling you about my blessed life and happenings, but I thought I’d dig deeper this week and share a piece of my heart with you. I haven’t really done that in the last year of blogging. I’ve been holding back. I was hoping. I was honoring my responsibility but my heart wasn’t in it. if I was leading a team, we would’ve lost. I was just going through the motions. I’m so blessed that my readers kept reading. so here you go, a piece of me……………………

usually, I make a conscious effort to NEVER post anything sad, negative or somber. I try to never say never or try or no. this week I was faced with a do or die choice, one that put me in a frame of thought that provoked me posting a quote by a famous actor. I had heard this quote may possibly be a fable or a myth or just plain fraud. I read it over and over. I decided to post it anyway. it made me cry, it made me laugh, it gave me hope.

the reaction to this post was shocking. in all of the years of me engaging in social media, I had never seen such a reaction. I was amused, scared and then I got happy. I realized it’s ok to believe in love. it’s ok to hope. I haven’t had the fortune of knowing this in my own life. I coach many people in all kinds of situations, ages, genres, continents and when they speak of love, I cannot help but feel agony. I always disclose my personal situation in order to never mislead. misleading someone is criminal. my peer coaches assure me I don’t have to, but I’m transparent. hiding is no good for me.  I have very little respect for pretense or bullshit. I am what I am and you can take it or leave it. I RESPECT THAT.

the reaction to the post made me analyze it further. I stopped thinking of it as something that made me feel and looked at it as more of a why? why was this touching so many people? why were people sharing this message? it spoke loudly to me. I came to the realization that this actor spoke of honoring, respecting and nurturing another human, in this case his beloved. in a society, where it all goes down in the DM, where cheating on your significant other, where words are spoken without regard, is common practice-this post was fresh air. the only thing that matters in this life is loving and being loved.

both men and women, commented, shared and in boxed their own stories to me. if they only knew, I too long to know what it feels like to have a man honor me like that.

I am divorced. my love life is something I rarely speak of and never write about- don’t get excited it is still not happening- however, let me be clear, whether BRAD PITT’s quote is a fable or real, I will never settle for anything less than that type of love.  love like that is my type.

it takes a HELLLLAAAAA man to “ decide to ACT. to speak in public only about her. to shower her with kisses, flowers and compliments. to surprise and please her every minute. to incorporate all themes in her direction. to praise her in front of her own and our mutual friends.” 

so my dear bloggies, my loyal readers, I am vulnerable today- I want that man too.

beyonce nailed it, with “hold up” and “pray you catch me”. planning on doing a blog on just her soon.

let’s go heat is always thrilling to me. I will be there as always.

I don’t change my habits, my friends, my home or anything else so easily. I blogged on throughout it all. I never quit. I never abandoned. thank you for staying with me, loving me and being loyal.

you can buy me soon. I’m for sale, (virtually) digital downloads.  a new world for me and now, you too.


and if you don’t know, I love love,



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