Being a mother has to be the most difficult job ever created. It is the most rewarding feeling I have ever known. It is the scariest experience I have ever had. I am vulnerable. I am mom.

I spent most of last week reflecting on memories and moments I shared with my son. I couldn’t help but think it’s almost over. He’s on his way to his own life in a few. I am so proud of the man he is becoming. He is so honest and loyal. He is humble and kind. He is the silent kind of strength I’ve always wanted and never could achieve. He knows a villain and feels sorry for him. He identifies a victim and extends a hand. He laughs at cruelty and walks away. Roman is my hero.

I met Carlos Mencia this weekend. He spoke truths. He recommended vaccinating our children. I agree with him wholeheartedly. I’d rather be the one to show my child the crazy, the ugly, the cruel poisons of life before life itself inevitably injects him with disease. Make no mistake, life is beautiful to me. But navigating through it can be tough. I am pleased with his preparation. I am at peace where he is concerned.

I spent the weekend with my best friend. We danced, we laughed. It’s so simple.

The Infidelity Webinar is on May 29 at 6:00 pm. Spaces are limited. Please call Mighty at 305.903.7160 to get yours. Are you being cheated on? Are you a cheater? For me, faithful has always been the new black. You see, if someone is disloyal in one way, it is likely that honesty isn’t present in most aspects of his or her life. Let’s talk cheating! Let’s learn and grow from tragedy. Infidelity is not from lack of love necessarily, it is from lack of respect.

Fit is Fly baby! This program is a new project we’ve been working on! I’m very excited about this. Basketball and I never really crossed paths until recently. Unlimited potential in triple doubles. It’s in the goody bag!

CONGRATULATIONS Danny! Your new home is beautiful. Please keep all boxes, I sense relocation soon.

I hope all mothers were able to swim in the love juice I was fortunate enough to marinate in this weekend. Motherhood is a no nonsense full mind and body workout. There is no active rest from it. I am grateful to be a mother. It is my honor and privilege to be mom. I am lucky to have Roman for a son.

and if you don’t know, we balled out,


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