my valentine



the thing is, love is so universal how can you just have one day to celebrate it? I had a spectacular love day. I woke up in love, loved myself, loved my son, loved fitness and smiled all day long. I received a gift that was well thought, planned and executed. I saw Zoolander 2 and was very disappointed.  I saw men buying flowers, women primping and propping, marriage proposals, dinner congestion, flowers, balloons and red and pink everywhere. I love love. I am a hopeful romantic.

I thought a lot about successful couples, and jayz and Beyoncé came to mind.   he supports her, she supports him. there is no jealousy, no competition. they are best friends. good luck to any one that tries to circumvent. 

the first of a series of Magda Says is in the works, I cant believe it. I’m in shock. this week I begin preparing for the yoga sequence for cerebral palsy. I cant wait to help Michelle help her daughter.

im getting ready for my first corporate coaching contract to begin, two years. pretty impressive stuff. chitown here I come. soho again. we had fun.

the biggest podcast of the year is coming soon. I can’t wait. its gonna be epic.

do you want to be showcased with Miami’s affluent? donate to Gulliver!!! it’s the place to be.

and if you don’t know, who butters your bread,



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