I’ve seen enough. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I am comfortable and convinced. I’ve decided that the live life channels are for the celebrity and I’m taking a back seat. My life is mine. I don’t want a TV show, unless I am generously compensated. If I’m on it, it’s because I’m getting paid. If you see me wearing a waist trainer, I got paid. If you see me eating protein powder, I’m getting paid. Volunteering your life for free is no different than match. Com. I don’t believe in finding love on social media. I never will.

Snap happy is so PC. Instasnap is where it’s at! Not for “REVETE” !!!!!

Thank goodness my son is grown and I have everything I want. What a world! Every time you log on everyone sees you. Duh???? If you have fake accounts, they see you. At least the you, you want to convey. Most of the time, the edited version. If you have lovers, they see you. There really is no privacy. I am eternally grateful that I have nothing to hide. In a world where “they” see you, lying is short lived. I guess that is a blessing. DJ Khaled would agree with me on this. He is about to have a baby. With all the fan luv, I would bet he has a stable, honest relationship. When you have something you hold in the highest, you protect it. He seems like a fierce protector. Tony Robbins and Major Key teamed up not too long ago. Greatness becomes greater.

I feel like I have really closed myself to distractions this summer and because of this I have succeeded. I have had peace. My birthday was perfect. All the true players showed me love. Real love. For this, I am fortunate.

I’m meeting with one of my biggest sponsors (that means there are several) for the Flawed and Fit event tomorrow morning. I feel like I am living in a dream. People pay me to do what I have always done- be happy. I get paid for this. Once again, I’m a lucky mutha fucka.

and if you don’t know, gratitude is always my attitude,