pa de deux


I bought my first set of kettle bells. The closing of Newton’s Method inspired me to keep going in something healthy, strong and I think so very sexy. I have decided to become certified. It’ll be a challenge, but I can handle it. Soon enough, I’ll be certified in everything gym. I will be your one stop shop. The truth is, I love to learn and possibility is everywhere. Newport Beach?

I spent my Irish day with a Jew. A Cuban girl and a Jewish girl walk into a bar, and the rest is history. What a creep the guy that hit on the hostess! When are men gonna get it, it’s cheesy to hit on waitresses, servers and hostesses. It’s as common as going to a strip club or Instagram stalking. Who wants common! I used to love her too! Get it? Common the singer vs. common like every other creepo. See what I did there?

A kitten pranced with me this week. Katia and I made shit go down fa real at the Miami Heat. She was out of control. Really. We had fun. Micky and I talked about the future of the Miami Heat and Pat just observed. I always prefer to speak to the man at the top. The silver fox owns me. He is tall, silver and has that nose. Kinda like Darren. He absolutely respects and loves his wife. The secret in true success is having a strong partnership in your personal life. I fall in love with Pat Riley every single time I see him. I think I’m gonna have to incorporate the Heat into my yearly spending. It’s just so fun in that arena. If Micky decides to hire me to Life Coach the team maybe I can have a permanent seat? Anything is possible. My followers include five NBA players and one NBA skills specialist. The one and only.

I spent this last week with the man of my dreams. They broke the mold with this guy. And my back, and at times my heart too. Roman has evolved into the man I dreamt he would be. He is loyal, kind, funny and smart. I am so grateful. He truly is me bestie. He has a drivers permit- beware.

Ron and I made waves at Gulliver. Thank you for stepping in and reppin’ me. For art in Miami, buy local!!!! Ronald Sanchez is the newest and most rad expression in the 305.

Spring Breaking in Miami is cool but I’m a member at Soho so I’m out! We the North runs through me- slopes I’m going downhill fast and furious this week. Canada here I come, again. I’ll never stop running back to what I love and trust.

Two years ago, my world collided with the world of another. It was organic and mysterious. Imperfect at best. It was the view in a mirror for me. It was his loyalty that held me firmly. I fall in love with that same human being everyday. He is my best friend, my opposite, my twin, my partner, my swole mate. I love to work out with him. I love to work with him. I love to work for him. I love him. His smile and the light in his eyes is in my heart and mind daily. It’s been the most rushed, passionate, and unique romance I have ever known. Two people, two hearts, two lives intertwined. Darren, I need to thank you for the two years of playlists, pictures, posts, bloopers, moments, and the memories that break me in half. I love you, every finish line, every year, every word, tear, sweat sesh. One day at a time, you and me- let’s crush it!

March has been madness. I’m doing great in my bracket. I’m having fun and learning. Another first. Life is what we decide it should be. Happiness is my goal everyday, and guess what? Like magic, Darren walks into my spin class. I’m so looking forward to Seder.

Live hard, love harder. If you need help being happy- just choose it, I’m a Coach!

and if you don’t know, he is my MCM two years later,


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