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In the past sixty days, I have been working hard. I don’t know any other way. My mind races. I wake up in the middle of the night and run to my desk. I have developed a scratch. Weird? But, I’m living, I’m doing and if I fail, I fall forward. Every step taken is forward. I am a forward thinker. “Pa tras ni pa cojer impulso!” Forgive me, I’m part Cuban. The blogging for me has been fun, a way to promote clients for Atrevete, Inc., my small but ever developing marketing firm. The blog has also become my bestie. I give it everything I have got weekly. Some weeks I am rich, some weeks I am poor-but the blogging never stops. It doesn’t leave when the going gets tough, it doesn’t hurt, it’s free and therapeutic. I love to blog. Come hell or high water, #IwillBlogOn (thx Papa that hashtag is one of my faves)

This week @MissKemya thanked me for inspiring her to create her blog. I was touched. Miss K, you don’t owe me a thanks, you owe me a hug! It is me who has to be grateful that you took the time to remember me in the first place. Gratitude is so sexy!!! Pay it forward.

Fit is Fly, the Master Life Coaching program for children starts this month. The first sport introduced will be basketball. Surprise! I have been appropriately educated in this sport for a year and a bit! The schooling has been intense. I am really excited to teach the love of team and roles to the Gulliver children. Guess who comes right after me in practice???? Doctor Dribble will be in our school doing what only he can do! The children in this program are in for an amazing experience.

I had a blast marching in the streets of South Miami with the Women of Influence Networking Group this past Wednesday. We marched for unity, for support, for goodness. I did the pistol with him in the room! I know he was proud.

This Wednesday, I will be at Athleta (Merrick Park), a GAP company at 7pm. This session is free to the public and is focused on Love of BODY! I am a marathon runner! I still am amazed I did that! Tell me again why we can’t get healthy in a minute. I’ll bet I can refute that. Bring a Yoga Mat and get ready- were going to get physical. April, bring a kettlebell!

I coached a family this morning at the VIllagio on the Beach. They pulled out a STOP SMOKING START LIVING box to show me. I wanted to cry. I am making an effect. One session at a time. I am making a difference. I am grateful.

On September 5 at 4:30, I’m coming home. I learned how to spin a very long time ago! Circa Stationary Bikes! EEECH! A few years back, I mastered the REAL RYDER! This all took place at MCYCLE. I am a Certified Spin Instructor. I taught successfully and began to create a following. I stopped teaching because the demand of my time was increasing and as you know I run many businesses, a family and a home. I loved it!

I always knew I would get back on a bike to teach! I will be at MCYCLE to teach together with my love, love, love DOCTOR DRIBBLE to raise monies for Diabetes.

On this day, we will help him OUT DRIBBLE DIABETES! With our help, he will be able to run in the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON (his birthplace) and raise awareness for research for this deadly disease. If I’m lucky, maybe I can hydrate him again.

David, Sandy and Andrea (the Queen of Indoor Cycling) will take turns leading us to success! Expect surprises and fun and most of all an unforgettable RYDE! Please call MCYCLE fast as space is limited.

I am notorious for throwing parties, this one is going to be EPIC! I love him.

I got a bird’s eye view into opening night Disney flicks in the future. Oh Boy! Its gonna be an experience. My two Ninja Turtles made me laugh hard this weekend. I went out on date night and things got heated between me and my hombre! We needed water to put the fire out! #H2OMBre is a must do!

The Super Moon does not turn people into lunatics. (V.Caivano-Associated Press)

The Super Moon could harm the vamps in True Blood. (Magda Lopez)

I looked at the moon and thought of us in the carrito! Shark Week with Ro! Life doesn’t get better than that!

and if you don’t know, you are the beast,


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