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Michelle, the owner of WING, a private network for entrepeneurs, women and soon men asked me for another head shot to help promote the August 7 event on Health and Wellness. Space is limited! Call 305.345.4992 if you want to hang with role models. Really wonderful people!

I dutifully acquiesced and assembled the team. I was striving for a healthy, fun shot. Instead, I got the Malificent look going. Whatever floats her boat, I aim to serve the powers that pay. The power. I learned that photopraphy is light. The illumination changes everything. Any one image can be a universe apart once light is shed. I had never really thought about this.  I use heavy filters for Social Media never once thinking the light is the magic. The power.


I left the photography sesh thinking solely about illumination. Rumi says,”the real magic begins when light enters the wound.” He is money!!! How does illumination relate to me?


My friend, Cat Haayen, a Yoga pioneer hosted an enormous event this weekend in honor of the Summer Solstice. Because I have been her loyal student for years, I fully expected the light of her Yoga to shine through me. It NEVER fails. Experience outweighs enthusiasm. Yoga is a Science. She owns it.

There is a post that I frequently see when I’m engaged in the virtual Social Media world that reads something like, “Once you have stretched your mind around something you can never go back to what it was.”

I thought that like photography, once the image has been changed and like Yoga, once the light has entered-everything is different! New and fresh!

The Athleta store on Lincoln Road is outrageous! Matt from JugoFresh knows how to pick the new best! He is a visionary. Gigi has a lot to do with his inspiration. Why is it that men that are successful have strong women right behind them? Coinky Dink! NOPE!!!

21 drops gave more than 250 yogis complimentary oils. My oil ironically was named “PASSION”. I did L.O.L.!! But Loud! I believe in signs. I’m in 1111, on 7, and get PASSION! Hmmmm? If you are going to do it, do it with Passion!

I had a spectacular weekend doing nothing other than allowing myself the practice of health and fitness.  This travelling Master Life Coach, welcomes wellness. Yep, I said travelling!


and if you don’t know, I love his beard,




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