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Bro its just #AwkCity!

If 9 ½ weeks isn’t one of your favorite movies, there is something wrong with you. It isn’t a happy ending I know, but the passion is unmatched. Love without passion is for children. In the movie, he pushes her away to a place that she inevitably cannot return from. He wanted it to end. She is so graceful in her exit and her love loss was felt in the core of every woman to ever have loved. Mos def, the sex in this movie was the hook. You know that loser friend we’ve all got that likes to live through your sex life, this is the movie you should send him or her to see. They could learn from it. Whenever any of my friends ask me about my sex life, I refer them to Mickey and Kim and say my sex life is like my bank account-secret. And in all honesty, only a very sad and lonely sort would ask such disturbing questions.

Heart attacks kill heart break doesn’t. I stopped smoking two and a half years ago. @StopSmokingStartLiving It is still unreal to me how I chose death over life for so long. I knew it was bad for me and I did it over and over again. I am so disappointed in myself for having engaged in such a horrible act for that amount of time. I remember the day I made the switch- tho. It was a miracle. People still ask me, “are you smoke free?” the answer is yes, I never let Marlboro back in my life again. I think about it from time to time. Eighteen days ago, I wanted to eat a carton of cigarettes and then I chose life. If it isn’t good for you or good to you, extract that from your life without sympathy. If you need a Coach or a cheerleader- I know the best.

Choosing life is really quite easy, it’s just like choosing happy. You just commit and do it.

The beauty in Life Coaching is a constant reveal. I am so fortunate to be able to help and be a part of goal completion, accountability and self-improvement. I am the luckiest cheerleader in the world. A friend of mine asked me what I eat daily to remain so happy, I told her the truth. I drink Verda (you can buy it on and I live from gratitude. You gotta want what you have- it’s a learned behavior.

The workouts have increased. I am killing it, me!!!!!!! That’s who. Promise to keep the naked Instagram posts coming. Just kidding, I’ll be wearing @MiamiFitWear Stalkers- listen up. Girls don’t appreciate the insincere compliments, weird DM’s and unwarranted texts. If a girl likes you, she will let you know. If she doesn’t, have pride.

This week I am donating all of the loose ends I gathered from the headquarters of Atrevete, Inc. I am cleaning the clutter in search of more clarity. It’s amazing how much stuff an office collects from present and former clients. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Word.

Crush Games June 6 for the betterment of children with Special Needs is on – Coconut Grove, I will be there and want to meet you. Call me for deets at 305.903.7160

My friend Jess Schreiner is leading Exhale at the Loew’s to new heights, roof top views of Miami Beach while we salute the sun. Thanks sista. I loved it. You can find them at @exhalespa on Twitter and Instagram.

On Wednesday, I usually practice Yoga with Ingrid at Green Monkey/Bala in South Miami. This upcoming Wednesday, I will be doing a very aggressive practice. Please contact me if you wanna find your victorious breath with only the sexy people. Please do not stalk women in gyms or Yoga studios –it’s just LOSERVILLE.

My week was full of love and reward. I have a laundry list of people to thank and hug but believe they know who they are so honorable mention isn’t necessary. I lived by the sun and loved by the moon and guess what I could get used to it!

and if you don’t know, gratitude is my bestfriend now,


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