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Master Life Coach


Life is Delicious.  Happiness is absolutely possible.  I am very passionate about being a Master Life Coach and helping others live their life with a purpose.  Don’t just exist, LIVE!!  Time is precious so we must make every moment count.  I’ll guide you along the journey of life and help make it more purposeful, eventful, and less stressful.  I will provide the best information on understanding your true purpose.  Together we will get there!

Types of Coaching Services offered:  Life, Corporate, Relationship, Parent, Child, Teen, and School

Life Coaching In House On Call Savings
Per Hour $250 $300
Package – 20 hours $4,500 $5,400 10%
Package – 30 hours $6,375 $7,650 15%

Other Services
Webinars   Call for Details
Public Appearances   Call for Details
Podcast Episode or Commercial   Call for Details
Social Media Management   Call for Details
Product Promotion  or Venue Opening   Call for Details

Personal Training


Transform your body into a machine or simply look and feel your best! Through functional training you will get more in less time than you expect. Build muscle, burn fat, perform better and improve your quality of life. Health is wealth! Magda Lopez is a certified personal trainer working with men and women of all ages and levels. Sign up now to discover your optimal level of fitness.

Physical Training Personal Training Semi-Private Training Team Training
Per Hour $150 $100 $250
Package – 10 hours $1,250 – ($125 per hr) $900 – ($90 per hr)
Package – 20 Hours $2,200 – ($110 per hr) $1,600 – ($80 per hr)

Marketing Agency


@revete is a Miami-based full-service marketing agency. We like to be called a boutique! Our little ducky dynasty. A boutique dynasty that delivers high-powered online resources, targeted print publications and expert consulting services for Miami’s top athletes, venues, and professional firms.

If you’ve heard strong buzz about an establishment, person or firm, chances are it’s one of @revete’s clients.

Let us set a course for your business—to attract the right clientele, and keep them coming back. We’ll deliver a customized, structured marketing strategy designed to put your establishment ahead of the crowded field, make your operations more productive, and keep your business viable for the long run.

Through our creative marketing campaigns, your brand identity will shine through, and your revenue will climb. In the ferociously competitive world of Miami, you need @revete on your team.

The term “boutique agency” is used in several different ways. In the advertising community, the term is used for an advertising agency that focuses primarily on the creative aspects of developing advertisements. In the creative community, such agencies are small companies that represent a limited client list and offer highly personalized service. We are exclusive, we can be.

In our boutique dynasty, our work is creative in nature. We have a small staff and we work with contract workers and freelancers to get a specific look and feel for particular projects. Clients approach us when they want high quality creative work. Larger advertising agencies often refer clients to us because we are a creation-focused agency when it comes to developing the look of advertisements and campaigns. We spread the love.

At @revete we tend to keep our client list short, and are highly selective about the types of jobs we accept. Our staff members are highly qualified and respected artists and creators. If you have an idea and need to get the word out, you should “dare to be different”. We do it passionately every day!  Contact us for custom pricing based on your needs.