silver fox

I have a fox that lives on my property and comes out to play every now and again. he is so fast, sexy and terrifying. its almost like he waits for me at night. his eyes glisten. I’m going to miss him. I came home from the play on friday night with my salty donuts in tow and almost fell. the fox was standing tall at my door. it was not afraid. I was in awe.

cirkopolis was everything I thought it would be. the bodies on stage were so strong, the movements so graceful. because I am an athlete and a gymnast, I appreciate the physical strength needed more than the art of the acts.  I was very impressed. the core strength was amazing. I wondered where and how they worked out while on the road. I sat in the Ziff box, it was very romantic. it was reminiscent of pretty woman. I felt like a princess.

I have been sweating twice as much as usual. I love the feeling of exhaustion after a challenging workout. I have been very fortunate for the people I have met this summer. I have been with true professionals. my eyes are open. its so wonderful to meet men and women in the fitness world in miami that are in it ONLY for the passion and love of health and wellness. it is an eye opener. I love to give respect and get it. I am grateful for this summer.

swim week is more like the TIFF in toronto. party after party after party. do these women eat? wow!! I have one more show before I am a birthday girl. I have only gone to the events that were private. common stuff doesn’t attract me at all. I like the weird, the rare, the exclusive. two fives mean nothing in the presence of a ten!

I have been given beautiful gifts in my life, crazy expensive gifts. I am grateful for them. this year, I was given the most unexpected, most desired gift of them all. I sobbed. I am in disbelief. I am eternally grateful for this gift. this changed me.

people often struggle with buying gifts for me. I’m very candid with what I want and what I don’t. I have everything I want. I work hard. I keep the people and things that I love very close to me. it’s a hard task to buy something for someone that is at peace.

this summer has taught me so much, this july in particular. I will never forget this july thus far. I have a feeling the rest of it is gonna knock me out. vanessa always told me, I wasn’t going to be ready for what happens after. she was right! the greatness is humbling.

august rush is one of my favorite movies. the lead actor sits in my bathroom. I am thrilled to pieces to introduce Christine Brae to Miami this august. my miami is no less than a rush.  I read excerpts from the new book. I’m in it. that’s just lit.

I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m happy. I wish you the same. 

and if you don’t know, it’s my birthday soon,