Skin Is In (even if it’s scarred)


Like parents and children, our bodies are assigned to us. You get what you get and you don’t get upset! You can’t trade mom in like you can an Audi R8! You can’t send back your offspring when they let you down either. The body however is the most malleable of the three. It can be bettered, battered, altered, mistreated, worshipped and scarred.

It took me close to forty years to decide to better my body. It’s never too late. I battered, mistreated and abused my body for close to two decades. My body has been kind to me, the response to my tardy choice of worshipping it has been great. I look better now than when I was twenty years old. I am fit. I am scarred and imperfect.

My body is my temple. The scars that can and cannot be seen make me the Magda that my family and friends love. Each scar tells a story and each story makes me rich. I wish everyone loved themselves and their imperfections like I do. This belief would eradicate personal trainers, life Coaches and the diet pill industry.

Did you know that life Coaches in Miami, Florida are in abundance. It seems that the sexier the city the more need there is for goal crushing accountability. Of those Miami Coaches, less than ten percent are accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I am one of the few the proud, the doctors. Yep, you can call me Dr. Magda Lopez!

I will be Life Coaching at Studio LX ON October 9 at 7 pm! This sesh is truly exciting, it involves some of the best buyers in Miami, fashion love and some bad ass locals. Home grown successful peeps thrill me. Please, please call for your reservation. It’s an exclusive event. 305.666.0748 When I’m faced with issues, obstacles, challenges and trials, I look up and see hope in Roman’s eyes, I look higher than that and see love in Darren’s eyes and I remind myself that life is short and life is now. Happiness is a choice. Call me up let’s make some changes in your life too. 305.903.7160 Had an interesting conversation with Ray Allen, Doctor Dribble and Shannon! My boyfriend astonishes me really floors me. The Heat players follow him and he follows the Heat players. Life is just.

Temple made me part of the Weissman family, Jewish makes me a minority. I never liked being part of the masses. I am exclusive. I am Shalom. At least I’m looking for Shalom on the daily.

Love yourself, it’s the only way you can be loved properly. Chitown, I’m coming! Halloween I’m ready. Big O it’s almost your day!!!

and if you don’t know, it’s the naked truth,