Staying Alive





“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Magda and @revete. It’s a life mission, to stay as young and vibrant as possible, to seek out new greatness and youth, to boldly go where no man or in this case woman, has gone before.” Captain Kirk and Me

Ok so here goes, NASA created the fountain of youth. The acne eraser, the scar killer, the holy grail is for sale on my website. Go to the home page and buy your bottle of Rejuvel now. Rejuvel sponsored Darren and I to run in the A1A yesterday. The ultimate youth serum is exercise. I am their liaison to you. I think they saw the forty year old in me holding on for dear life to what can be. We are set for launch. The product cleared Roman’s acne, erased my nasal labial folds, and made the hard yuck part on the bottom of my feet disappear. I bought a case, you will too. The lift of the brow was immediate. The real color of my lips and skin was unveiled within minutes.

Um yeah, the Oscars on February 21 will host hundreds of celebrities and they will all be presented with a sample. The Gulliver event on March 14, will be raffling off $2500 worth of Rejuvel . My heart is content knowing that we can achieve miracles without surgery, poison and drugs-immediately. No wait, no bruising, no exorbitant costs. It’s from space.

My Valentine’s Day was amazing. I am loved and I love. No real rhyme.

50 shades was a let down. I got busy nevertheless. Mr. Grey and his ways are very much my thang. I like him, I am attracted to that type of man. I like to be spoiled. The way he hones in on Ana, wowza. It’s almost like he’s wired differently. Yes Sir.

I will be coaching the winners of the contest for the donation of Celebrating Children today. I am expecting the coolest Coachees eva. We are going to learn about gratitude, continuity in leadership and hopefully leave them in a better place than when they first got to our Epic Life Coaching Play date!!!

Verda improved my running by a bit. I felt like I PR’ed even. Verda is the Vegan lifestyle of choice for me. Athletes everywhere rave of their performance and wives at large are feeling it in their waistlines. It’s on my home page. I’m beginning to feel like QVC. No matter, if it works miracles, I will bring it you. It’s because of you that I keep getting sponsored. You trust me and I am thankful. Deeply grateful.

We celebrated the birthday of Luissy yesterday, she is a mixed media champ. If you need some creative services regarding photography, videos, memorialization of anything- go to @goprogirlmiami. She’s unconventionally talented.

This week was like rapid fire. I really felt excitement like never before. The potential professionally and personally was scary. I have been working more than ever. And miraculously, my luck just gets better. Poof it’s magic, kinda like REJUVEL.

Love your loved ones, eat healthy and exercise, surrender control to the universe in all things not controllable. (Everything but yourself) buy REJUVEL you’ll thank me in an hour. Please call me if you have questions on how to use etc. I’m so happy to be the girl that brings this to you.

“You don’t know you’re beautiful”, sings a lil frog in my kitchen. I press its hand and it starts dancing and singing. Beauty is how you feel, surround yourself with peeps that make you feel beautiful. At least for me, I reflect those around me.

and if you don’t know, we’ve only just begun,