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October 13, 2013

he told me to walk “this way”




Pop culture was forever changed by the Beatles and the scandal of Yoko and John. Hov brings us back, educates us, in his most recent song, “Murder”. It’s my theme song for the reel I made based on Health and Wellness.

This November, one of the brands featured in the reel will be making its launch. It’s the method in which I became smoke free. It’s Kerry Gaynor. And this method is #stopsmokingstartliving. I have been asked in the past few weeks, numerous times, what he does and how. If you feel like living call me at 305.903.7160. Ask Mighty, the chief coordinator to hook you up. He will save your life.

This week, I finally made it to Bean Town. I saw the bean. I saw MJ. I ran in a marathon, a full marathon. It felt like running with the bulls in Spain. It was only a moment, a short fragment of time.

Doctor Dribble completed his Chicago cameo and is well on his way to completing his goal target amount for curing Diabetes. You really are a hero. #makeadonation

Benjamin Dash is almost here and I am physically ready. I have decided to work double time until then to rep my girl and her angel- SAMANTHA. That’ll be three hours daily!

Halloween has taken a different beat this year, I will still dress up three times but now two are full blown dress up. Thanks Danny for forcing my second costume. #kindlygetanInstagramforthis

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am so grateful for so much. At today’s race, I couldn’t help but be reminded of what is important, loving those who love us, helping a neighbor, creating healthy goals and executing them one by one.

NOTHING IS WORTH disrupting “bav”. Duck Dynasty proves this weekly and so does my gravity class.

Ladies of Gulliver, strong women, let us make laws at ………Roaster’s and Toaster’s Kendall.

and if you don’t know, my PB is performed daily,




September 29, 2013

sailing…..takes me away


To where I’ve always heard it could be.

I was there! On Newport Bay, at peace. Names like Vanderbilt, Lee & Perrins, JP Morgan were the proprietors surrounding this magical body of water. It was my first time and frankly, long overdue. I’m going back to Providence and I’m sailing every chance I get. How do you get to be my young age and learn fabulous new experiences daily? I am fortunate in many ways.

Speaking of age, I wanted to SHOUT OUT to my friend and sister- Maria m*ergy Sentmanat a very happy birthday!!! I trust you will make it a grand day! I love you always.

Gulliver is also having a big birthday- 60 years wonderful! Mrs. K left a legacy. This school year we will be doing all “G” at a 60, expect to see it at the Holiday MarketPlace! That’s my gig! We are at our limit for applications, but please keep them coming as the final elimination process has not yet taken place.

So B Force Bands, watch out twerkers, Bert is coming!!!

Health and wellness en vivo with my “strut mom” Laura Posada, so excited! On my anniversary of ten months not smoking nonetheless! You see, lucky!!

Lopez & Partners is rapping up another successful year of saving taxpayers monies and serving the community. Val loves his job and it shows! Tax Planning people, go now!

Congratulations to April Buchwald on finishing Escape to Miami. Strong women, I have a special attraction to that breed!

It’s time to Hunt in the ShowRoom on Monday 10- 1 only! Call Marilyn for details! #realdeal

The movement commences in November. I am most grateful for this. Kerry Gaynor is my hero and can save your life! @stopsmokingstartliving

Doctor Dribble, the legend! Chitown can’t handle you… I heart my trainer, you’ll see why next week LIVE!

Halloween is a surprise and so is my crossing a finish line! October is the month!

New Orleans don’t stand a chance! FINS UP! Just for you, AAPL and LULU bounced back!

And if you don’t know, that’s all folks!