the mastery of love

The most loved filled day of the year was as always, a commercial success! This year Americans spent 13 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day. So much love!!! #ilovelove

This month I gave and received an enormous amount of love. Many types of love. I’m so grateful.

The one love I have the most trouble with is self love. I suppose I have a great fear of narcissism. Humility is urgently necessary to me. Fear is a liar. But I know, that if you don’t love yourself, no one can love you. This got me interested in the Four Loves by CS Lewis and how they exist in my life.

Storge is a form of brotherly love. Immediately I think of Tommy, Nick, Chris, Danny, David, Vic, Alex, Ricky and Joey. And that’s just off the top of my head. I say bro all the time. I feel they are my brothers when I say it to my storge peeps.

Friendship is a love between friends. This type of love, I’m a little more strict on. My friends don’t change. They are the same list forever. I’ve been lucky tho, I found a few more. Lynette, Babelyn, Julie, Tarah, April, Mal, Laura and Diana the few, the protected, my sisters.

Eros is the sense of being in love. The more instinctual of the four. Kind of like animal instincts. It’s sexual. The beast, the ape, a flying squirrel are some examples of animalistic positions. The wanting of women instead of wanting one woman is Eros. The same can happen to men. This is selfish.

Agape love is the form of unconditional love, the greatest love of all. Roman!!

CS got me thinking. His types of love are so accurate. However, my love, belongs in all four categories. He’s my bestfriend, I love him unconditionally. Eros runs through us, the chemistry was immediate. I’ll bro him all day long. I wonder what CS would call him. I call him Darren. It’s simply black and white. He made my Valentine’s day beautiful. Thank you!

LAX stands for Los Angeles International Airport and for Raider pride because Yoyo brought it this weekend. Let’s go Raiders!!!

Love no matter which type is to be given. Anything else is just gravy. I’m your cup, give me love.

and if you don’t know, #givelove,