GI Joe and GI Jane


Good Morning Melanie! Doctor Dribble and I appreciate you!

I walked into my gym last week to find my friend April raving and excited about the Hebrew New Year and the numbers 5774! She was elated and thought I should feel this way too. I know we are both blessed in many ways. I made myself a promise to learn what this meant and how it impacted her and me. My guess was accurate. You see, she is very positive.

The Year 2014/5774 stand for leaping forward! The pieces to my curiosity were falling into place.  This Year was going to be the best, we are going forward. Faster than usual. We will forego all red tape and bypass all processes and meet our goals, go straight to the finish line.

I met my man at the finish line this Sunday at the Michelob Ultra Miami Beach 13.1.! I keep trying to retire, but this marathon he inspired me to run for our troops. We believe in Semper Fidelis; Always Faithful. Doctor Dribble is often saluted in airports by military personnel, this Sunday he decided to pay them back. Thank you for always inspiring me Darren. We did rock the camo!

How did I quit smoking successfully? I’ll tell you the secret soon with Kerry Gaynor himself. Do you know a smoker? Do you love a smoker? Do you want them to live? Call Mighty 305.903.7160 she can tell you how.

We live in a city where the beach is our back yard. We live in a community where LeBron and Dwyane ride bikes with their fans. That is gangsta.

Go live, laugh and love. Do it loudly and without limits. This month I am fortunate enough to celebrate another birthday for Roman. I celebrate my love for him and Darren daily. It’s fresh and soothing.

I wish you the best year of all, it is the impeccable word I surmise.

Watching the Oscar’s with him, doesn’t get any better than that.

and if you don’t know, public speaking is the number one fear in America,