It’s Instinctual, it’s natural

At back to school night, where we were learning about Gulliver, our Raiders and the future, I was teaching the “popular table” about “natural instincts.” The ladies and some men, Mario Frati, wanted to know about poses. In all fairness, I can’t teach it- but I am learning it daily. It’s an infusion of animal flow, yoga and breakdancing at Newton’s Method. You can find me there, obediently learning, growing and getting strong. No flabby asses allowed.

Benjamin Dash is approaching quickly, and Team m-ergy is already preparing. It’s not too late to sign up, type in SAMANTHA as a coupon code. is an official sponsor, so please come hard and fast, I’m in the mood to take flags and raise money.

Virginia Beach much like Miami Beach was hot and sexy. More than 20,000 runners came to compete at the Rock n Roll Marathon this weekend. As always, Doctor Dribble was front row and center, with his balls, reppin’. He made a cameo at the Boo Williams Sportsplex and spent some quality time sharing his mad skills with worthy young men. Soul Food was fantabulous too!

“Please Don’t Go” is a great tune, and KC without his band just hustling through the Atlanta airport is a sight to see. Chris Daughtry snoring behind you on the plane was also an awesome experience. I mean he knows Simon! My hero remains Simon Cowell and now, a Superhero that can crow pose better than me.

She made it! A series of her own. A spin teacher that trailblazed through mud and muck to stardom. Maria, I’m so proud of you! Thank you for letting me be in your show. Unstoppable!!

Dow Jones and Miley Cyrus let me down this week. Enough.

Hope and optimism is how I want to begin this month! I have health, a fair shake, and I embrace what is coming. Ramon Arbesu and his sister Ileana, put things into perspective for me. He’s an old family friend, young enough to teach me a thing or two about love and friendship. I dare you to read his story. He is a true champion- I’m cheering for you hermano.

So if you don’t know, now you know.