What our clients have to say!

Here at Body & Soul Miami, Magda manages to make lemonade out of lemons every time. If you want to spread the word and fill the house, call Magda!  Magda protects our house. Brings new clients daily. Enriches our establishment!

Alex Pirez (Entrepreneur)

Body & Soul

“Gym to the Stars”

Through her intensity, determination, & dedication, we have been more successful than we ever imagined!”

Valentin Lopez (Owner)

Lopez & Partners

“Small Boutique CPA Firm”


As a small business we depend on @revete’s “no non-sense” approach to PR.

Marlyne Alexander

Marlyne Alexander Photography

“Photog of Choice”

Magda exudes the kind of confidence that inspires and motivates everyone around her.  Magda is the perfect example of what hard work and determination is.  Magda has the kind of spirit that makes everyone around her come alive.

Michelle Sanchez (Owner)

Studio LX

“Designer Boutique for Women”

I couldn’t have chosen a better commercial!

Kerry Gaynor

Stop Smoking Start Living

“Life Saver”


From Bimini to Puerto Rico, Magda jumped in to blow this place up!

Bibi Reyes


“Designer Boutique for Women”

We would sit together after training & I would plan & she would play devil’s advocate for hours. She held my hand throughout the entire process. I taught her that food was fuel. We worked it out daily together. Atrevete is definitely a WOD GOD!”

Cristie Besu

Eat Me Guilt Free

“Famous Fitness Foodie”

She grabbed the microphone & entertained 1,000 guests with less than five minutes preparation. Magda sold the plane out in one hour. She can see the goal & meet it.

Rosana Metz

Vacation Store Miami

“Travel Mecca”

Magda inspires me to push myself. Out of the box is her motto.

Andrew Marrero

Andrew Marrero Photography

“Photog to the Stars”

Go hard or go home is the approach that Magda has applied to us which resulted in duplicating our sales in Miami Beach.

Maggie Maceiras

Soy Delicious

“Love at First Light”

It took her all of 50 minutes to come up with a strategy that revolutionized our advertisers and readers.

Michelle Coffey-Garcia

Unique Me

“Man with Heart” & “Femme Fatale”

Unique Me Magazine

First family, second client, finally the biggest source of referrals.

Dr. Suzel Vazquez

Dr. Suzel Vazquez

“Fountain of Youth”